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The meaty thighs of Bigcutie Echo!

December 28, 2011

Pure cellulite!!
(photo is (c)

I just discovered her. My god is she exuding lust and beauty with those huge thighs.

Her legs are decadent cream. Layers upon layers of lard, like a huge pile of mortadella. With a mouth like that, I imagine her lover feeding her while he fondles her thighs.

How large do her hips measure? Her thighs? From her wishlist we can see she wears 5X dresses, so we can only dream.

Regardless, she is very well nurtured indeed. Even Asshley looks small next to her… well, kinda! (Not that Asshley is any less beautiful, by the way!)

Asshley's ginormous ass looks small compared to Echo's

Cheesecake Splash!

December 24, 2011

Cheesecake splashing in the hot-tub with her enormous booty meat

She is so soft that her curves are like water

I urge you to go to and download the video with Cheesecake in the hot-tub. I don’t think I ever saw a woman with so much to offer.

Her hips look enormous. Big, wide, bold, full. When she gets in the water you see all this water being displaced, and those gigantic heaps of cellulite wobble and jiggle and she steps in. They are so fat and so 100% pure cellulite that they almost float, and splash around like buckets full of water. They feel like balloons made of water.

And I just find Cheesecake a woman with an incredible sensuality. She shows off her size, her big cuddly arms, and you just want to hug her, bring her flowers. It must be divine to just be near her huge body. BountifulBBW says her hips are 98″. 59-65-98 are her full measures. For one time I can say they look totally real.

Can you imagine hugging her around her waist, feeling all that softness around you? Tell her sweet nothings as you fondle her giant balloons of cellulite? I love how her hand sinks into her waits. It’s incredible how bulging those hips are.

Cheesecake, you are an amazing beauty!

Chesscake's amazing softness

(photos are (c)

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