Jenni’s fleshy, Victorian dress

I imagine Jenni during the Victorian times, a dame of grand class going to exclusive parties. While all of her perky friends wore a wide, artificial tent to emphasize the curves they didn’t have, Jenni simply wore herself. A plain, unassuming dress just put over her rich, well nourished body. The natural flesh of her hips, with their ample girth, held up the dress comfortably, to an even bigger tent that anyone else. Whoever danced with her wouldn’t help to notice that when the opulence of her buttocks jiggled, the soft fabric of her gown propagated the jiggle, in a soft liquid motion.And she would condescend upon younger fellows, unable to refrain themselves from caressing the top of that softness.

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5 Responses to “Jenni’s fleshy, Victorian dress”

  1. Andrew "The Fly In The Ointment" Ackner Says:

    Very true. How’s Opulenzia Part 8 coming?

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hi Andrew, slowly, but proceeding. I was going to write some actually… right after seeing, in unrelated events, the beauty of Rowan. But Jenni is always a great vision as well, and a very inspiring one.

  3. Andrew "The Fly In The Ointment" Ackner Says:

    Lol can’t wait man.

  4. Femsup Says:

    Yes teh return of the bustle without the bustle is much awaited.A woman whos thighs and hips and bottom are so naturally big she doesn’t need a bustle.

  5. Andrew "The Fly In The Ointment" Ackner Says:

    C’mon man, I’m going nuts in anticipation lol. I understand though, I myself am a writer. But c’mon dude.

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