Pear Bottoms’ wide load

You can have a 5 course meal on Pear Bottoms’ hips…

Jump to minute 6:45 to see her meat jiggle like an ocean as she slaps her blubber. This is a woman who’s proud of her overdeveloped hips.

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3 Responses to “Pear Bottoms’ wide load”

  1. Nick Roberts Says:

    My brother, you are right about that!!!!! Imagine her giving a lapdance, lol, getting the feel of all of that!!!!!!!!!! That would be like a cloud in a peaceful sky!!!!!! Thank you for the post bro.

  2. Femsup Says:

    What a gorgeous darker brown patch she has at the top of her cavernous arse cleavage.Her split is so inviting to the mouth.Those saddle bags of corpulent fat ralling hang to the sides.I love that her bottom overflows over the edge of the bath.

  3. FatCurvyStories (@FatCurvyStories) Says:

    Bros, isn’t she lovely? Yes, I can imagine her straddling those saddlebags of cellulite all around you, in a hot lapdance. That’s the kind of stripper I’d want for my lapdances! I guarantee you that if she lets you stroke her thighs, you’ll be thanking her for the extra layer of lard on those fat, meaty hams.

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