Videomakers! Here’s a perfect pose for a film

75 inches. That's the measure of her hips.
(Photo is (c)
Here. This pose of beautiful Kellie Kay is perfect for a video. It’s perfect because it emphasizes the curves of the hips, in all of their voluptuousness. And so the video could just depict the Fat Curvy Goddess squeezing her own hips, slowly and deeply, like kneading and rolling the dough. She digs into her own hips, grabbing big slabs of pure fat, smiling like Goddess Kellie above. She smiles like she wants to shake all that junk in front of you. She fills her fist with her own flesh, and she squeezes it hard, right in front of you, with a smile that says, “I’m so fat you have no idea.” She shakes, she shakes her fist full of meat slowly, sensually, looking at herself, and looking at you.

So, if you are a Fat Curvy Goddess like Kellie, Valerie, Scrumptious, Ms Boricua, Pear Bottoms, Jenni, Asshley, and so many more, here’s my pledge: please make a video like that!! If you do, you’ll have endless support from this blog, and most importantly from all the SSBBW pear lovers out there!

Look, caress, dig in, squeeze. Repeat ad libitum.

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5 Responses to “Videomakers! Here’s a perfect pose for a film”

  1. Femsup Says:

    She seems to be a teenager.If she is as gorgeous and fat as she is now just wait till she gains weight and power.She has a fat and vast future in front of her and of course behind her.

  2. RONALD Says:

    hola eres muy hermosa quisiera conoserte mas

  3. RONALD Says:


  4. About film Says:

    About film…

    […]Videomakers! Here’s a perfect pose for a film « Fat Curvy Stories[…]…

  5. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Boy Dang, I truly Love Big Pretty Femmine looking Women like this here have ALL my Entire Life Time to this day today Dec,10Th, 2012…

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