SuperDome Booty, as large as a soft, plushy bed

SuperDome Booty ultra wide hips
(photo is (c)

Do you realize that it’s a Queen size bed? Lying between those hips must feel like home.

Vi rendete conto che e’ un letto matrimoniale? Come vi sentireste in mezzo a quelle coscione immense cosi’ piene di cellulite?

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5 Responses to “SuperDome Booty, as large as a soft, plushy bed”

  1. Femsup Says:

    Its a sobering thought.I have just got into seeing women who fill doorways but women whose huge abundance of flesh and fat fills huge beds is another leve.

  2. FatCurvyStories (@FatCurvyStories) Says:

    And she looks so proud of her curves, and rightly so…

  3. Femsup Says:

    Yes she has ever right to be proud.Her type were worshipped as Goddesses and her body shape is and will be worshipped again.

    A body that can fill that bed can fill a mans heart and can command anyone in that bed.Strength and weight equals power and influence.

  4. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Oh Boy Dammm, I sure wish I was Underneath all Ms SUPER Fly Dome FAT Wide ASS here in this Picture…12-10-12…

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