Valerie moved… and grew! To 85 inches.

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You all know I have a thing for Valerie SSBBW and her beautiful jiggliness. Viva la Valerie! Et viva la cellulite… from the very first time I saw her very first video, I knew she was something else. Where else would I find such incredible pear shaped curves? With so much cellulite all over those hips and thighs, in bulges of softness and wateriness everywhere. Showing off her curves by waking around you, her hips jiggling and bouncing all over the place. You can hear her watery flesh splash in front of you. Well, this incredible 44-50-85-45 figure girl has moved to So go visit her now! She has so much to offer. In fact… she has more! Since last time I checked, maybe six months ago, she grew already. One inch around her hips, for a total of 85 inches of hips! 2 metri e 15 di lardo, tutto molle e ballonzolante, come catini di budino, buonissimo da stringere. And in my bookmarks on the side I still had her at 81″ from some years ago. Phew!

Valerie, if you are listening, please do a video of you or your man digging into your hips. Please! It’s torture not to see those hips adored by a man whoe truly loves them. Like, have yourself sitting down and have your man squeezing your hips as much as he can. The fingers closing into your softness, I want to see his hands disappear into your hips, I know it’s possible!

Valerie, you are one of the truly best. Your videos have always been super sensual. So much jiggliness! Your website looks great, and you totally deserve your own space. Super best of luck! And all you admirers will come and cherish you at Lusting over the over opulent girth of your thighs.

Valerie SSBBW bulging big thigh (45"!!)

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5 Responses to “Valerie moved… and grew! To 85 inches.”

  1. Claudio Says:


  2. Femsup Says:

    Such a beautiful sight to see a woman so voluptuous that she has to go sideways through doorways or fills others completely.

    Like the medeival monkish music too.Reminds one of worship and reverance.Two words readily associated with her.The man in the mask moulding and fondling the masses of her buttocks was a revelation to see also.

  3. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    Mi chiedo davvero quali siano i suoi limiti…

  4. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Nice Nice Nice, Valerie I truly Love your Huge FAT Wide Hip (Elephant) ASS Lady Dammmn, you completely D…Harding for me Always Valerie Dang…12-10-12…

  5. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Hello Wide Hips Valerie, Ole BBW Loving, Jerry Gatlin here Truly Wants to be your Main Man Husband or Boy Friend ok I Loves your very Wide Hips Booty ok. 6.10.16…

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