Getting Hungry

Joyously needing to be milked

Wouldn’t you get hungry for a big piece of cheesecake with a date like her sitting in front of you?

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8 Responses to “Getting Hungry”

  1. Claudio Says:

    Wow, who’s she?

    • northern goddess Says:

      I’ll answer in English in order to let non-Italian readers know about her.

      She’s quite popular on the BBW forums, as well as on ImageFap. I guess she had a Webshots or MySpace account, with tons of non-nude pictures, usually listed on the “good-times”, “friends”, or “me” sections. Unfortunately, being a FWD (= big-boobed, instead of pear-shaped), I didn’t save the right links. But FCS is very likely to have them.

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Unfortunately, even if I did see her before, I do not know her name!

  3. Femsup Says:

    I have seen several pics of her and she was demonstrating how important it is to find the right seats and tables at a diner for big lasses.

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    @famsup So true… the boobs of my woman always sit on the table. I love when boobs are almost “part of the meal”… 😉

  5. Femsup Says:

    They are often dessert.LOve to see a woman increasing her size from good food and good company.Why the latter? Well giving her confidence and making sure she is loved means she is proud of her breasts and does not want them to get smaller .

  6. dee jay Says:

    just a real bbw perfect pic

  7. dee jay Says:

    a real woman lovely would be the right word

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