Supersized Bombshell Katrina’s Goddess Status

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If Jenni is a Northern Goddess, can Katrina be considered too? She is the same height of Jenni, she has a very light complexion, exaggerated hips and very meaty thighs… and a serene beauty all around her that makes her a special vision.

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10 Responses to “Supersized Bombshell Katrina’s Goddess Status”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Gun Says:

    Wow YES, Ms Katrina is completely Beautiful Mind Blowing Pretty Fine in my eyes…6-6-11l.

  2. northern goddess Says:

    Well, let me tell you the story of my special love for Katrina. I spent years worshipping the following picture, without unfortunately succeeding in identifying her:

    When I finally discovered who she was, “The Northern Goddess” did not deal with professional models anymore, and therefore no space for her was allowed.

    Beside her superb derrière, of Katrina drives me mad the fact that she has the size of a SSBBW but the shapes of a BBW. You might therefore think that she could gain even more weight without getting out of shape. Look, for instance, at her pretty face, so tiny in comparison to a so huge body: in order to calculate the beauty of a BBW, together with the waist/hips ratio, did anybody think to develop a “face/buttocks ratio”?

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    That image of Katrina should be made part of an altar and then worshipped regularly.

    I didn’t know you loved SSBBW so much Northern, although many of your recent posts show a growing appreciation for the super-sized shapes.

    What strikes me of Katrina, beside her gorgeous curvaceous figure, is the softness that bursts out of the screen. It must be an out-of-this-world feeling to hug her from behind, feeling all that cellulite so easily concede to your embrace.

    So, I take it that you do consider her a Northern Goddess honoris causa?

    • northern goddess Says:

      First I look at their shape, then at their size.

      The most important to me is a harmonic pear-shaped figure with my canonic breast/waist/hips ratio of 1/1/1.5 or more. To fulfill this ratio, the size should be at least of a BBW, since it is quite uncommon to find a 1/1/1.5 chubster or plumper. On the other hand, there are some excesses I don’t like, as a too much protruding or saggy belly making a kind of miniskirt, or a too fat face with double chin. That’s why SSBBWs usually are a too high step for me.

      However, I can die for all those SSBBWs with no miniskirt belly and with a rather slim face, and that’s the case of Katrina; as well as I can love those chubsters with already a breathtaking pear-shaped figure, as MegaButtMaria or my highly venerated Becca. About the matter, I’m sorry to let you know that the next Northern Goddess will be just a chubby: in the last weeks I’m contacting some tumblr amateurs or even only fatshionistas asking their permission for dedicating them a post, and that’s one of them.

  4. dub-c Says:

    I wonder what has become of her as she has not updated her site in quite some time. She truly is gorgeous and has an incredible size and shape. Hopefully everything is ok and she will be able to post some time in the future, whether it be pictures or just a status update.

  5. markthunder Says:

    That picture does lead one to veneration and worship.Thats what the world is afraid of powerful fat women who through their veryexistance drive men wild.

  6. Rani Mukherjee Hot Pics Says:

    Rani Mukherjee Hot Pics…

    […]Supersized Bombshell Katrina’s Goddess Status « Fat Curvy Stories[…]…

  7. GeeBee Says:

    Well no-one seems to know why she stopped updating. She is still on the Bombshells site, and not listed as retired. Anyone have any more information?

  8. andrew Says:

    any one know why she quit updating her site

  9. fatcurvystories Says:

    I wish I knew… because those butter-soft curves are too beautiful to give up!

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