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Sammee Mathews kisses you good night, teasing you with her bulging cellulite

June 18, 2011

Fat Curvy Stories: the cellulite of Sammee Mathews
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What I like the most, in SSBBW Sammee Mathews, is the beauty of her thighs. The incredible fullness of their girth. Their buttery texture, almost liquid in its squishy softness. The incredible quota of cellulite, spread amazingly in every square inch of her legs. Everywhere.

Her legs look bubbly, because softness is overflowing. Beautiful lard, so excessive in its abundance. A huge mountain of meat in the front. Looking so soft you wish you learned how to swim. And looking at her you often wonder, What will she do if I am a good boy?

Fat Curvy Stories: the cellulite dimples on Sammee Mathews' thighs
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She’s such a tease. She knows how much of an effect her thighs have on you, but sure enough every night she comes to your bed with some kind of outfit that inevitably leaves her thighs openly naked. She looks at you while you ogle her cellulite dimples. She seems to say, “I have so much cellulite you can’t even imagine.” You look at all the juiciness on her thighs, jiggling all over the place as she walks closer.

Who would not love to be kissed good night by such a matron? She hugs you against her chest, between her big soft arms, as she kisses the top of you head. You reach over, toward those pillows of fat she has on the side of her legs. They are so meaty. You remember how ostensibly she shows them off, all the times but especially when you two are alone. Or whenever a skinny girl in a miniskirt comes over to her place. Or when you two go to church, on Sunday morning.

Until finally, when you go to bed, she lets you fondle them.

You touch her, squeezing her flesh between your fingers. A more exquisite softness has never existed. It’s a vast sea of dimples that extends wide and far, with waves and gulfs, craters and mountains. You look over, to admire such beauty.

“Bella cosciona grassa,” big fat legged woman, you say. She smiles. She drives your face right next to her big thigh. You grab her like a giant steak and suckle her dimples, adoring her beauty as you can. You look in front of  her, to the giant pillowy belly.

And she says, “And when you are done, I have this bag of goodies for you.”

Supersized Bombshell Katrina’s Goddess Status

June 6, 2011

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If Jenni is a Northern Goddess, can Katrina be considered too? She is the same height of Jenni, she has a very light complexion, exaggerated hips and very meaty thighs… and a serene beauty all around her that makes her a special vision.

Greetings from Aunt Teresa

June 2, 2011

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Hello dear, do you remember your big Aunt Teresa? The one with the big thighs… alora caro, I’m coming into town and I’d like to meet you! Do you want to see your big auntie? It’s been a while, a year almost, and many things have changed. I wonder how big you got! Well, I got bigger too, you know… remember that dress, the low-cut dress I showed you last year, the tight one that I thought was a little too loose, while you kept saying you could discern the lumps of cellulite on my butt… well that one is tight now. Especially around my hips, if you can imagine! And in fact I broke it. I had to run a bit to catch the bus, and all the jiggling of my hams pushed the fabric over the top. It broke on my left hip, so now the dress goes up all the way to my waist basically. So many people were looking at me in the bus, you should have seen. One guy, right in front of his woman, reached over to squeeze my cellulite. I let him do it, smiling at him and his woman, but I really wanted you to be there, to fondle me. My thighs got fatter. So, how have you been doing, and when shall we meet?

-aunt Teresa

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