Sofia Rose the abundant erotic dream

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Isn’t she the new Sofia Loren? Only meatier, softer, curvier, if that’s possible. Sofia Rose is very, very curvy. I love how her healthy, motherly curves make themselves noticed with no effort. With all their heavy, decadent creaminess. I adore how Sofia exposes them, with so much glamour. Knowing that the little triangles of her bra only cover a tiny part of her statuesque breasts.

I love how her big boobs completely overflow the bra and push against the fabric. Bursting out. And Sofia, our fat, divine Juno, plainly smiles at us. She seems to say,

“I gained weight, as you can see. And once you see my legs…”

Her legs are long. Long, meaty hams. Beautiful. Beautiful because they are all covered by layers of cellulite. If I was her lover, I would reach over to caress that bubbly beauty. And adore every inch of those fat, cellulite-filled thighs.

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4 Responses to “Sofia Rose the abundant erotic dream”

  1. Femsup Says:

    Sofia Rose is in my all time top 5 women.Such lovely burbles of fat nodules.Like the burbling of a stream.But they are not calming but inflame the mind and body.

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Not to mention the watery consistence of her breasts, so beautiful. I love how she is comfortable in walking in front of everyone with so much jigglyness on her chest. A true Goddess.

  3. youngblkmaster Says:

    Mmm.. I have never seen her..She looks Indian.. Very hot and plump..Wow.. Like Flotation devices..

  4. Femsup Says:

    Yes so proud of her curves that she intentionally got fatter.She is a fat activist just by that action alone.

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