Jae has the most beautiful booty ever?

Isn’t Jae’s the most beautiful booty in the world? Look how wonderful it is. First of all is so tall. It almost reaches her elbows! That alone makes it a royal trait. The you’ll notice she has a big bulging mound on top of her hips, and you know that’s all fat. 100% cellulite. The weight of the mountain creates some canyons and craters below it. They cast such a lush, beautiful shadow. It’s a level of curves most women can’t even dream of. Then her hips engulf a little, only to protrude even more. Her buttocks are a large ocean of cottage cheese, tall and deep, and full fat.

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One Response to “Jae has the most beautiful booty ever?”

  1. Fatfun Says:

    Jae´s butt is just delicious, fantastic, I love that juicy butt !

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