Fat Curvy Stories on Facebook!

Fat Curvy Stories is on Facebook! I am not sure how I am going to use Facebook, but I figure it can’t hurt. Probably my adoration for thighs so engulfed with cellulite, or even fatter than Asshley’s 81″ hips, will continue there as well, and I hope Facebook can be a vehicle able to spread our appreciation for such majesty, for such glorious beauty.

Keep dreaming about walking next a jiggly mountain like Valerie or Asshley, and please show your love for stories about fat, beautiful, cellulite-ridden curves and stories about them by becoming a fan of Fat Curvy Stories on Facebook!

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One Response to “Fat Curvy Stories on Facebook!”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Yes Damn I truly LOVE this BODY here on Goddess Asshely here Man I am Stone Crazy about Dimples, Wrinkles, Ance Bumps, Dark Skin Tone between the ASS Cheeks all this is a High Turn ON for me Jerry Gatlin SEEE. 3-27-11.

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