Introducing PearadiseSSBBW

PearadiseSSBBW is a new Goddess. She will be available soon at the house of

She is the Goddess of Prosciutto, because her really lardy thighs jiggle like it would a sack full of milk. Almost amorphous, but incredibly curvy, and full. Even though she wears tight jeans, her beautiful flesh jiggles and bounces like it was stuffed inside a sack. Yes, like a really big, fatty mortadellona.

Her buttocks are shaped like the moon. Craters of white, soft meat, round and big and shiny like our faithful companion of the night.

And so I imagine her walking away, in the pale moon light, eating a freshly-made custard doughnut, squeezing her curves, from the 39 inches of her waist to the fatness of the full girth of her hips, bouncing and splashing loudly in the silence of the night, step after step.

(Her website is opening soon, please check out!)

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14 Responses to “Introducing PearadiseSSBBW”

  1. northern goddess Says:

    I’ll ask the webmaster if some full-body standing set is upcoming, as it would be the best way for appreciating a so divine body. And not only from behind, but frontal shots too: if she wants to hide her face, it can be easily done with Photoshop or cropping the picture from above (think, for instance, to MegaButtMaria).

    • fatcurvystories Says:

      Hi Northern, good, I asked him too. I hope he listens us! I hope he does a walking video and a “hands squeezing hips” video as well…. It would be pretty glorious to see her hand disappear into those pillows of beauty.

  2. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Wow YES, Damn this is the MOST Perfect Booty here this is my Exact type of Booty that I love the MOST Dang. 3-18-11.

  3. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Oh Wow Wow WEE Yes Damn Ms Paradise has a Perfect ASS on her Man Damn this is it this is my exact type of Woman I am looking for at this email Compliment here Dang. 3-18-11.

  4. free software download Says:

    i elect it Introducing PearadiseSSBBW « fertile Curvy Stories it being so that im your rss reader

  5. youngblkmaster Says:

    Damn I got to say when saw it saying Pearadise..I was thinking th girl from Mercedesbbw..I actually know that girl lives one town over mmm..Anyway This chick is Mouth watering lovely..


  6. fatcurvystories Says:

    hey youngblkmaster, do you mean you know Pear Bottoms? Please tell us more!

  7. LuvsemLrg Says:

    Damn,Damn,Damn!!!! There is nothing else to say about such a PEARfectl built WOMAN!!!

  8. Pearadise Says:

    Thanks guys for all the great compliments! My new site is now open and I’m definately wanting all the input I can get about new content and what y’all want to see 😉

  9. fatcurvystories Says:

    Dear Pearadise, thanks for visiting! I have 2 video requests: (1) a video of you in a bikini walking toward the camera, first slowly, then faster… and (2) a video where you or someone else digs a hand into those big wonderful hips, squeezing your flesh! I never saw a video like the latter, it would be amazing with a killer body like yours!

  10. DretherTheGreat Says:

    Pearadise, I had a couple of questions for you. If you could email me at, it will be greatly appriciated..Thanx……Drether

  11. aimbot black ops Says:

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  12. Jerry Gatlin Gun Says:

    Oh Boy Dammmn, Ms Supa Dupa Fly Fine Pretty Pearadise I Jerry Gatlin truly LOVES your Huge Wide Hip Meaty (Elephant ASS) so MUCH Lady, I wish you were my (Main Girl Friend) at this compliemtn here Dear DANG. 6-26-12…

  13. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hey Jerry, welcome back!

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