SugarQane and dreams of her return

SugarQane was the first to cement in my mind the term “Extreme Pear.” Before seeing her, I don’t think that term really had much meaning in my mind. But after watching Qane lifting a chunk of her hips, big fleshy pillows of cellulite on her sides, I became enamored. When Qane walks toward you, you see the meaning of opulence truly reaching you. Such healthy thighs. An altar of life. Seventy five inches of pleasure and hedonistic beauty. Qane, when will you return to modeling? Please, say soon, my Goddess…

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2 Responses to “SugarQane and dreams of her return”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    YES, Wow Damn I truly LOVE Ms Sugar Quane Mind Blowing BODY Yes. 3-14-11.

  2. femsup Says:

    So glad that it was her that gave you your revelation of opulance like Saul on the road to Damascas.So sad for you too taht she is no longer revealing her curves and weight to you to worship.

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