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Gaining Goddess on the beach

March 30, 2011

Ma ve l’immaginate incontrare due donne cosi’ lungo la riviera romagnola? Gaining Goddess che fa una passeggiata lungo la spiaggia con quegli ammassi di nudo grasso lungo le cosce? Tanta bella carne.

Lo spessore di quelle gambe non lascera’ indifferenti i giovanissimi, infervorati dalla passione piu’ grezza mista al bisogno di affetto, e i non piu’ giovani, desiderosi di lasciarsi andare a sfrenati piaceri edonistici, senza piu’ remore di sorta.

Fat Curvy Stories on Facebook!

March 27, 2011

Fat Curvy Stories is on Facebook! I am not sure how I am going to use Facebook, but I figure it can’t hurt. Probably my adoration for thighs so engulfed with cellulite, or even fatter than Asshley’s 81″ hips, will continue there as well, and I hope Facebook can be a vehicle able to spread our appreciation for such majesty, for such glorious beauty.

Keep dreaming about walking next a jiggly mountain like Valerie or Asshley, and please show your love for stories about fat, beautiful, cellulite-ridden curves and stories about them by becoming a fan of Fat Curvy Stories on Facebook!

Jenni growing?

March 26, 2011

(photo is (c)

Is it just me, or Jenni is getting even bigger recently? Her radiant smile looks fuller, and her hips seem dripping cellulite.

SupathickMami and her cellulite

March 22, 2011

(photo is (c)

I love BBWs that talk about their own curves like Supathick Mami. I don’t know why it’s more sensual hearing it from the “owner” of such beauty. But it’s true, cellulite is so beautiful, I don’t know why it’s not talked about more often. Anyway, Supathick Mami, I don’t know how wide your hips are these days, but your cellulite looks succulent in those pants, I love every single crater and bubble. I hope your hips are still growing, although they already look absolutely fantastic!!! I love their “shelf factor” as well… as we say from where I grew up, sei una bella cosciona. Ciao, Mami.

Introducing PearadiseSSBBW

March 18, 2011

PearadiseSSBBW is a new Goddess. She will be available soon at the house of

She is the Goddess of Prosciutto, because her really lardy thighs jiggle like it would a sack full of milk. Almost amorphous, but incredibly curvy, and full. Even though she wears tight jeans, her beautiful flesh jiggles and bounces like it was stuffed inside a sack. Yes, like a really big, fatty mortadellona.

Her buttocks are shaped like the moon. Craters of white, soft meat, round and big and shiny like our faithful companion of the night.

And so I imagine her walking away, in the pale moon light, eating a freshly-made custard doughnut, squeezing her curves, from the 39 inches of her waist to the fatness of the full girth of her hips, bouncing and splashing loudly in the silence of the night, step after step.

(Her website is opening soon, please check out!)

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