Kellie is a Pear, an Apple and a Houglass at the same time

(image is (c) Kellie Kay)

After seeing this beautiful photo, I realized that Kellie Kay embodies at the same time the essence of a Pear, an Apple and a Hourglass. The protruding obesity of her hips and thighs, overwhelming in their fullness and richness shows us the former; the Belly, a pillow of lard shaped like the Forbidden Fruit, fires us up with passion; and the plumpness of her breast, succulent like a fluffy, milk engorged boob, makes the lower opulence look even bigger, united with it.
Pear, Apple, and Hourglass: the perfect woman. Kellie. (She has a blog, too)

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3 Responses to “Kellie is a Pear, an Apple and a Houglass at the same time”

  1. youngblkmaster Says:

    God..God..Goodness that’s, she is truly sexy and in every pose it is true she takes all those shapes..Hour glass, pear all of it..

  2. Pavlito Says:

    If i had a possibility to be together a minute with Kellie I would have been the most happy men in the World . SHE IS THE MOT MOOST beatieful girl ithe world

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    Pavlito, yes, her hips and thighs reminds me of a dish full of carnitas…. tanta buona carne, and she keeps gaining!

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