Farsi largo tra le cosce di Asshley

Such wonderful, meaty, extra soft thighs...

(photo is (c) bigbootyasshley.com)

Mamma che belle… mi voglio fare largo in mezzo a tutto quel generoso grasso. Voglio aggrapparmi ai suoi fianchi, avvinghiandomi alle sue spropositate maniglie dell’amore. Sono talmente abbondanti che oltre che amore c’e’ passione travolgente, desiderio, vita, immortalita’. Mi voglio spingere lì in mezzo, nuotarci dentro, amare ogni loro anfratto. Accarezzare la loro superficie, crogiolandomi sull’abbondanza delle tue montagnette di cellulite, ovunque.

I love the fat of your thighs, Asshley. I love how bubbly it is, how generous and copious. I hope your lover pushes himself between those magnificent legs. I hope he makes love to them. I hope he cherishes their immense opulence, and every little nodule of cellulite. Please continue to feed them this well, over and over, and even more, again.

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3 Responses to “Farsi largo tra le cosce di Asshley”

  1. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    Parafrasando Nietzsche, c’è una sola paroale per definirla: oltreumana.

  2. free mp3 Says:

    i like it Farsi largo tra le cosce di Asshley « Fat Curvy Stories now im your rss reader

  3. femsup Says:

    I like that someone is big enough to fill a room.I like that I have to be polite and defer to how she wants to move around.Be respectful and mindful of her power and weight.Let me take the smaller spaces that are left which at times will be occupied themselves leaving me no where to go but to sink into her fat.

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