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Kellie is a Pear, an Apple and a Houglass at the same time

January 30, 2011

(image is (c) Kellie Kay)

After seeing this beautiful photo, I realized that Kellie Kay embodies at the same time the essence of a Pear, an Apple and a Hourglass. The protruding obesity of her hips and thighs, overwhelming in their fullness and richness shows us the former; the Belly, a pillow of lard shaped like the Forbidden Fruit, fires us up with passion; and the plumpness of her breast, succulent like a fluffy, milk engorged boob, makes the lower opulence look even bigger, united with it.
Pear, Apple, and Hourglass: the perfect woman. Kellie. (She has a blog, too)

Farsi largo tra le cosce di Asshley

January 26, 2011

Such wonderful, meaty, extra soft thighs...

(photo is (c)

Mamma che belle… mi voglio fare largo in mezzo a tutto quel generoso grasso. Voglio aggrapparmi ai suoi fianchi, avvinghiandomi alle sue spropositate maniglie dell’amore. Sono talmente abbondanti che oltre che amore c’e’ passione travolgente, desiderio, vita, immortalita’. Mi voglio spingere lì in mezzo, nuotarci dentro, amare ogni loro anfratto. Accarezzare la loro superficie, crogiolandomi sull’abbondanza delle tue montagnette di cellulite, ovunque.

I love the fat of your thighs, Asshley. I love how bubbly it is, how generous and copious. I hope your lover pushes himself between those magnificent legs. I hope he makes love to them. I hope he cherishes their immense opulence, and every little nodule of cellulite. Please continue to feed them this well, over and over, and even more, again.

Katrina, oh Katrina, il tuo culo e’ una tavola imbandita

January 22, 2011

Wouldn’t you agree that Katrina‘s backside is like a table full of food? The heaps of bread, flour, fruits and lots of meat, cast a shadow in the soft light. A decadent shadow of abundance, the richest and the most luxurious. The Goddess teases us with the curves very few others can match.

And when she shakes all that lard for you… the sound… I can hear the sound of waves. My mouth right there, suckling her fat heaps of pure, beautiful cellulite.

(photo is (c)

Gypsy jiggling

January 18, 2011

Ah, che forme, e la loro bellezza
(photo is (c)

The cellulite yoga of Boricua and Diamond White

January 14, 2011

I never did yoga with my woman. The postures of yoga and the calming effects of marijuana are really beneficial to your body and I believe improve blood circulation and the flow of energy in your body. I felt particularly warm all around me. The breathy summer of the bay was peaceful, while the lights of the dusk were casting beautiful shades on the cellulite of my woman. She was wearing shorts, non-denim daisy-dukes, filled by her lard.

Between one pose and the other I kept caressing the fat of her legs. On the side of each thigh she is endowed with protruding heap of cellulite, that I particularly love to fondle. It’s a pillow of pure fat, and my fingers sink in really easily. She is gorgeous. She developed this extra layer of flesh only recently, and although I’ve been admiring it for a while it’s only now that it truly bloomed. I can run my palm blindsided along her thigh, bottom to top, and beside feeling the buttery softness all over her thighs I can clearly feel the slight dip and bump of a big chunk of really fat cellulite. Imagine laying your hand on a thigh so thick your entire palm only covers a tiny portion of the overall thickness… that’s the size of my woman. E’ una bella cosciona grassa.

Quando poi si siede sopra di me mi sembra impazzire. Tra cosce, fianchi e natiche avra’ almeno sessanta chili di lardo solo li’. Poi recentemente si deve essere ingrassata. Quando cammina trema tutto, come se fosse un enorme budino ambulante. Ma e’ quando mi e’ sopra che apprezzo davvero il suo lardo. Mi avvolge tutto con morbidezza, e poi lei si lascia palpare come una mucca da mattanza. Le palpo le cosce e le dico di ingrassarsi ancora. Lei si adagia sopra di me e si lascia andare sul mio bacino, schiacciandomi sotto di lei.

Mi piace essere dentro di lei con tutto il mio corpo.

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