Farewell Gwen

My good friend Northern Goddess Admirer brought to my attention that the beautiful Gwen Dolan has retired from BBW modeling. This has probably been a fact known to most for a while now, but I wasn’t aware of it.

Oh, it’s so sad, although we always respect a Goddess’ choice. But her very generous measures (44-42-67 inches as far as I’m aware, or 46-44-69 as bbwpedia reports) will be sorely missed.

Let’s bid her farewell by admiring once more the divine proportions of her shape. Gwen was and will always be endowed with really fat thighs, adorned with so much cellulite it bulges out in huge chunks. The visible craters and bumps are so pronounced they’re noticeable when she wears tight jeans. The long legs and the tall profile of her hips make her very inviting to any man worth his manhood. Her austere face and long straight hair is proper of a Venus who is demanding the best of everything. The big fat hips also belong to someone who’s not less noble than a Queen. Finally, the soft cuddly arms and belly only complete the picture of a woman who knows how to live and love.

For me, the legs were her best feature. I really loved how meaty they were, and how striking they looked in the wonderful portraits that she gifted us. Really big, chunky thighs with lots of flesh to dig your hands in. And so very sensual.

Gwen, farewell my Goddess, and I envy the lucky fellows who you will encounter in your path.

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6 Responses to “Farewell Gwen”

  1. northern goddess Says:

    Well, everything is explained in her blog:


    Of course, Gwen’s outstanding booty beauty would allow her to keep modelling with great success till her late forties or even further (just think to the beautiful Ample Amber or Cindy Pearson), but it’s her own decision and nobody can disapprove it. However, I feel like her retirement will mark a before and after in the BBW webmodel world.

  2. femsup Says:

    Fat women look younger and retain their beauty far longer than skinny women.There skin is softer whatever age but the contrast of a woman of 60 who is gorgeously fat and one of a wizened skinny woman is stark.

    You are right fathipskisser she is regal and Goddess like and as her subjects we must obey her whims and pleasures and desires.

    A woman like her is not only physically powerful something people with patriarchal ideas hate but emotionally,sexually and personality wise.

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    you speak the truth, femsup! And I love what you said/hinted about patriarchal ideas.

  4. femsup Says:

    Yes they want a nice compliant week emaciated woman they can rule and are afraid of a large powerful assertive and kind behemoth of a woman who occupies a space and commands and dominates it.

    If we are to go forward we have to acknowledge the primacy and focus of the large and powerful fat woman with large and powerful appetites for sex as well as food.And also for at least parity with any man.

  5. lax4life Says:

    why did gwen stop doing what she did?

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