The mounting of Brie and the seduction of diving

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What made me decide to go out with her was the exaggerated fatness of her thighs. By just looking at her, judging what she was wearing, I could tell she had really fat legs.

Every time I heard her voice, or saw her from a distance, or even just thought of her, I always inevitably pictured myself between those mountains of cottage cheese. Pushing my whole body back inside of her, fucking her like an animal. An animal ready to mate with the most prosperous woman of the land. Grabbing her like a pillow of meat, the same meat that gave me this passion, this life. The flesh that’s so fat my whole arms just sinks in, into the softness of pure cellulite.

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3 Responses to “The mounting of Brie and the seduction of diving”

  1. Fatfun Says:

    So much beautiful flesh in one body,amazing!

  2. SSBBWadmirer Says:

    She is gorgeous! I would love to see more of her (excuse the pun…), perhaps wearing “Bridget Jones” and a bikini in the same beautiful colour…MMmmmm

  3. Fatfun Says:

    Pearfect shape and size !

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