The fat shelves at Valerie’s

Valerie is very well endowed in the hips department. Do you want to reach over and tap those very generous curves? She is so prosperous that her flesh piled up on her thighs as much as it could, and then kept piling up on top, building up a dam full of cellulite. It’s 100% fat. It jiggles all the time. Like giant buckets of whole milk. Her lover is lucky because he can dip his hands into those very fat buttocks. He will probably have entire meals on that table of lard.
(photo is (c)

Cresci Valerie, cresci. Ingrassati. Mangia, nutriti. Nutri i tuoi fianchi, falli diventare piu’ gonfi, ancora piu’ pieni, piu’ liquidi. Accatasta dell’altro lardo, e fatti stringere i fianchi, dai… sei cosi’ grassa, bella culona da monta…

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One Response to “The fat shelves at Valerie’s”

  1. femsup Says:

    A banquet for sure.We need not feel hunger after dining on the look and feel of such fat hips.A shelf to rest our heads on and contemplate the abundance beneath.

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