Shake the big mountain of DirtyLittleDiva

Wouldn’t you want to reach over, grab that big fat mountain and shake it all over, just to see how fat and soft it is? It looks like a huge balloon of cellulite. If I were her lover I would lick her everywhere over there, thick thigh included. I would dive right there, where the hip meets the thigh, and grab that big pillow with both hands and rub it all over my head.

Or maybe it’s so big, round and fluffy it looks like a giant ball of dough that needs to be rolled out. Squeezed well. And then make a lot of good, excellent soft bread rolls, the kind with butter or olive oil inside. Oh, it’s good to have so much to play with. No lover will leave the table hungry.

Or perhaps she simply wants to mate with you, and is showing you curves you have never seen before. She is almost telling you her thighs got fatter and her buttocks fuller. Wouldn’t you want to reach over and shake those big mountains of beauty?

(photo is (c)

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3 Responses to “Shake the big mountain of DirtyLittleDiva”

  1. Fatfun Says:

    Very nice !

  2. youngblkmaster Says:

    Uou know what would be cool if you gave links to sample vids or pictures or Those rapid share files of these beauties

  3. femsup Says:

    Yes when you say go fat you don’t go back.

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