Jae and the Wall of Booty

Like I said elsewhere, if I had to explain the word “Magnificence” with a picture, this is the one picture I would use.

Jae’s buttocks are mountains. They are heaps of cellulite, so tall that half of her back is all booty. In Italian there’s an expression, “culo alto”, usually associated with skinny women whose rear-ends are perky and pointing up. Well, I’m happy to report Jae is not exactly skinny, but her big culo is fat and very, very tall and wide. Her butt is the demonstration that if you keep putting flesh down there, it will eventually pile up. Like a giant puffy mound of whipped cream.

I love how her hips are so tall they gently curve inwards at mid height, bulging under the weight of more and more flesh. With the body of a modern Venus de Milo, you can only dream to hug her from behind, wrapping your arms around her, resting them on top of her hips and around her belly. You kiss her on the neck, like a lover. You hold her and make her feel protected, while she protects you. You can’t help to rest your whole body onto the huge, magnificent buttocks. Her ass is so fat it feels like the softest, squishiest pillow.

“Do you think by butt is too fat?” She asks loudly and fully aware of the open window, quickly drawing the attention of people passing by.

An old man with glasses looks in and stares at her. “Did you ever see a butt so big, old man? Come in, touch it, so you can tell your friends. Lover, let him touch…”

He caresses sweetly the side of her hips, feeling the incredible softness. “They didn’t make them so fat in your times, did they?”

His pants begin to stretch. “Lover, show our friend how much lard I have.”

It’s your turn now. You put a hand right below her booty, cupping and lifting as much as you can. And then you let the load go. It splashes down sounding like a big water balloon, jiggling everywhere like a sea.

“Lover, lift again”

You lift both buttocks, all their thick heavy weight, as much as you can. When you drop all that goodness down, it almost feels like an earthquake. Her body shakes under the massive mass of flesh being shaken.

“This is all fat, look at it, it’s a ton of lard,” you drool, as you slap her on the hips.

Jae turns her head, and looks at the old gentleman in the eyes, with the sweetest, most disarming smile ever.

“I want to see you again… but now I am going to mate. My butt got fatter this week…

(photo is (c) bigcuties.com)

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13 Responses to “Jae and the Wall of Booty”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Gun Says:

    Hey Wow I Jerry Gatlin truly LOVES Ms Jae WALL of ASS too Man Dang she is completely Super Fly to me too YES. 9-28-10.

  2. Peppuzziniello Says:

    Ciao, ma non scrivi più niente in Italiano? Ti seguo sempre, sei un grande!

  3. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    Che donna, che donna!
    Il suo sedere non ha l’ampiezza di quello di Valerie o di Pearalicious, ma guadagna tutto in altezza.

    Questa donna ha delle proporzioni fantastiche, devo dire. Ingrassa uniformemente in tutto il corpo. Se ben ricordo, infatti, pesa circa 350. Con un fisico così potrebbe aumentare ancora molto senza ritrovarsi una sola parte (grassa) del corpo in disarmonia col resto.

    E ha anche una bellissima schiena grassa. 🙂

  4. Claudio Says:

    Semplicemente fantastica!

  5. fatcurvystories Says:

    @Peppuzziniello ciao, grazie! non abbandonero’ mai l’italiano, ma ultimamente mi viene di piu’ in inglese. Non ho un “programma” definito, vado totalmente secondo la voglia del momento 🙂

  6. fatcurvystories Says:

    ah almost forgot…

    @jerry Yes indeed!! From the love and determination you show, I really think you will find “your own” Jae, with an even taller and meatier booty, and the same dream-like smile.

    @claudio @sephiroth eh si!! Jae e’ davvero stupenda. Il culo cosi’ a montagna — sebbene non esageratamente largo come Valerie — mi fa sempre di piu’ impazzire. Ma la cosa piu’ sconvolgente e’ il peso di tutto quel ben di dio. La mia donna ha proporzioni simili a Jae, e sollevare tutto quel lardo e sentirselo rimbalzare addosso in tutta la sua acquosa morbidezza posso assicurare che e’ qualcosa che mi fa venire il capogiro solo a pensarci.

  7. Davide Says:

    Prima di tutto complimenti per il post, Jae è stupenda. Anche io preferirei leggere più spesso post in italiano, ma ovviamente rispetto le tue scelte.
    Ma oltre che su Twitter sei anche fu Facebook? Nel caso non lo fossi ti consiglio di fare una pagina per pubblicizzare a meglio questo fantastico Blog!

  8. northern goddess Says:


    in fondo è quello che ti ho detto nell’ultima email: ogni post andrebbe pubblicato in inglese e con la traduzione italiana sotto, come faccio io da un paio di mesi (inglese + spagnolo), poi ognuno commenta nella lingua che preferisce. È la soluzione migliore.

  9. fatcurvystories Says:

    @Davide, @northern, i miei post saranno sempre in inglese o in italiano, ma mai tradotti in embrambe le lingue. Certe cose escono in una lingua ed e’ meglio che li’ restino. Se anche volessi, non ce la farei comunque 🙂 In ogni caso, posso assicurare che nessuna delle due lingue morira’ mai su questo blog. 🙂

  10. femsup Says:

    What an erotic story.Your descriptions reach new heights.So observant too of such lovely details of the curve halfway up the hips not able to beat the weight of all that gorgeous fat.

    When the lover is old just imagine the size of women in his time.We are destined to be buried under a huge weight of womens flesh as evolution brings about Mother Natures plan to make all women fat.

    The coming Matriarchy will embrace women of this size and bigger as the true image of the Goddesses that they are.

  11. fatcurvystories Says:

    Thanks femsup! Jae will only get more beautiful with time. I am convinced. She is already magnificent, but her partner will undoubtedly have a rich and wonderful life. And she will too, because curves like hers (and softness like hers) only call for the best of the best.

    I would really love a video of someone just tapping the top part of her hips… just a little tap. I can only imagine how that mountain of beauty can jiggle, and mesmerize me with its elegance. And what if the lover’s hand digs into all that softness?

  12. Fatfun Says:

    Jae has a kissfriendly butt,no more comments needed !

  13. femsup Says:

    He will be rewarded by not touching the face opg God but touching the fat hips of the Goddess.By caressing a woman with her permission we show worship through her og the Goddess.

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