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Jae and the Wall of Booty

September 28, 2010

Like I said elsewhere, if I had to explain the word “Magnificence” with a picture, this is the one picture I would use.

Jae’s buttocks are mountains. They are heaps of cellulite, so tall that half of her back is all booty. In Italian there’s an expression, “culo alto”, usually associated with skinny women whose rear-ends are perky and pointing up. Well, I’m happy to report Jae is not exactly skinny, but her big culo is fat and very, very tall and wide. Her butt is the demonstration that if you keep putting flesh down there, it will eventually pile up. Like a giant puffy mound of whipped cream.

I love how her hips are so tall they gently curve inwards at mid height, bulging under the weight of more and more flesh. With the body of a modern Venus de Milo, you can only dream to hug her from behind, wrapping your arms around her, resting them on top of her hips and around her belly. You kiss her on the neck, like a lover. You hold her and make her feel protected, while she protects you. You can’t help to rest your whole body onto the huge, magnificent buttocks. Her ass is so fat it feels like the softest, squishiest pillow.

“Do you think by butt is too fat?” She asks loudly and fully aware of the open window, quickly drawing the attention of people passing by.

An old man with glasses looks in and stares at her. “Did you ever see a butt so big, old man? Come in, touch it, so you can tell your friends. Lover, let him touch…”

He caresses sweetly the side of her hips, feeling the incredible softness. “They didn’t make them so fat in your times, did they?”

His pants begin to stretch. “Lover, show our friend how much lard I have.”

It’s your turn now. You put a hand right below her booty, cupping and lifting as much as you can. And then you let the load go. It splashes down sounding like a big water balloon, jiggling everywhere like a sea.

“Lover, lift again”

You lift both buttocks, all their thick heavy weight, as much as you can. When you drop all that goodness down, it almost feels like an earthquake. Her body shakes under the massive mass of flesh being shaken.

“This is all fat, look at it, it’s a ton of lard,” you drool, as you slap her on the hips.

Jae turns her head, and looks at the old gentleman in the eyes, with the sweetest, most disarming smile ever.

“I want to see you again… but now I am going to mate. My butt got fatter this week…

(photo is (c)

DirtyLittleDiva mountains

September 24, 2010

I don’t remember if I already posted this picture in the past or not, but I don’t care. It is just so erotic.

I love Dirty Little Diva’s legs and hips. I can’t imagine a straight guy not being turned on by a vision like that, no matter what his tastes in women are. Nicole has something for everyone. She has long shapely legs (who doesn’t like that?) and a tall round booty, but at the same time she has a ton of meat to play with. A ton. But even if you are into skinny women, wouldn’t you want to experiment with something different at least once? I think curves like Nicole’s would “convert” you once you see in front of you such bold mountains and valleys.

Personally, I think that’s the Arch of Heaven. I’d love to stand beneath all that beautiful, beautiful cellulite, and squeeze it in my hands. If you want more flesh, you can always climb to the top and dive into her big, wide, fat hips. Her buttocks are abundantly overflowing.

And I think she has recently gained more beauty in her already big trunk.

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Farrah, the fat leggy Goddess, gathering devotees with her meaty pillows

September 19, 2010

I love Farrah Foxx. She looks like a giant ocean of chocolate mousse. Warm, soft and rich. I love her sweet sensual smile. I love the juicy gulf of her waist, so deep you can hide your whole face in it. I love her hips, overloaded with the squishiest, most delicious cellulite. And I adore her big fat thighs, a true monument to opulence.

I wonder if she wears miniskirts when she goes out. She should, because with so much bulging flesh to show she could start a cult.

I imagine her sitting in front of an altar, her legs spread wide open and hordes of followers at her feet. She invites the skinniest single men next to her and she lets them cup the dangling flesh of her fattened thighs.

“Squeeze my flesh, dear, feel my lard in your hands”

Her devotees are allowed to jiggle her leg fat and suckle it, for at least one hour. They are required to strip naked in front of everyone and show how big or small they are, and how hard they get when they touch her.

Couples are not invited to partake, but if the Goddess sees a man with a grumpy skinny woman, he is asked to come closer to hug the full girth of her big fat thighs. She allows the new adept to fully squeeze the meat of her thighs. No one ever refuses.

“See how fat these legs are? Isn’t it better with so much flesh?”

The skinny girl observes with amazement as her man’s penis gets bigger than she has ever seen while he’s fondling a pair of legs so fat — and buttocks so bulbous — that the the cellulite jiggles like tiny waves in a vast, calm ocean. Her toned, slender legs look insignificant next to Farrah’s outrageous opulence.

(Photo is (c) Farrah Foxx)

Asshley gained… 81 inches hips! 363 pounds! New site!

September 1, 2010

That’s right, it’s official. She is juicier. If you followed Asshley recently, you could have probably said that her last known hips measures — 75 inches — were old. Old as in too small, even if 75″ is not exactly “small”.

But if you looked at her updates in the past year, you noticed a constant increase in the opulence of her body. Her arms and face look softer and sweeter. Her waist was always been full with nutrients, but now it’s fuller. Her breasts, oh, they are all the more and more succulent, to the point that now you have to admit she qualifies as a big breasted model too. I wonder what cup she is now. And then the vastness of her ass, and the tallness of her buttocks. Beauty keeps piling up down there.

Her thighs are now oceans of pure cellulite. There’s so much of it that it has to emerge and bump up in wonderful chunky dimples of completely untoned beauty. Look at her thighs, they are a pool of heavy whipping cream. Her legs are outrageously fat. I wonder what is the measure around the fattest point.

And then her hips, authentic pillows of homegrown lard, wider and wider for the neediest lover. In ten years she grew them from 66 inches up to 81 inches, gaining 148 pounds (67 Kg!), if you can believe that. That’s more than 2 meters: 206 cm to be exact. A lot of hips. Your own hips are likely more narrow than just one of her legs. You could have a dinner on top of her booty, or sleep comfortably laying on her big thighs.

She brings a lot of meat to the table.

I keep thinking of Asshley visiting the Vatican during summer, in a short, tight summer dress. Or maybe wearing tight shorts, just like many other girls, but hers are obviously pretty tight around her hips, so that big bumps of cellulite emerge from beneath it. As she walks with confidence, her ocean of cellulite jiggles and wobbles beyond control. As a wonderful song to the Lord. The splashes of her fat turn many heads, but she doesn’t seem to care. Many men have never seen so much opulence on a woman before. Some stare shamelessly, boys walk behind her to look at the jiggling, and an old man, recently declared impotent, has a raging erection as she walks by the bench he was sitting on.

Noticing the hard-on and the sweetness of the distinct gentleman, she sits next to him for a while, smashing a balloon of flesh against his hips. As she caresses her gigantic thighs, he has the nerve of inviting her to dinner, in a local place that he knows. While looking at her legs, he reassures her that this place is good, and they serve very rich foods in abundant servings. Before accepting, Asshley demands that he squeezes her thighs openly in front of every rich, uptight couple that passes by them. She wants him to show everyone his appreciation for her curves and soft volumes. On the other side, he has a new, simple dream: after dinner, to invite Asshley to lay on a couch, and then rub himself against the soft pillows of lard on her gargantuan buttocks.

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