Ms. Boricua got juicier, fatter and hotter

Did the wonderful Ms. Boricua get fatter recently? It’s no secret our big Boricuona is one of my personal and absolute favorite models, and I am thrilled by the thought she is getting bigger. She already has some of jiggliest and squishier hips and thighs I have ever seen, and I know another 20 or 30 pounds would look fantastic on her. She is so hot I want to eat her up! I love those sexy lips and dark hair, those sweet eyes and those massive deposits of cellulite down there… look at the side of her thighs, she has some big fat rolls of lard. They are so soft they are going to melt in your hands.

“Amore, are my thighs too skinny?”

“Boricuona, no, they are so fat you’re bursting out of your own skin”


“Yes, let me squeeze them… see, look how fat you are, you got this chunk of flesh that even the fattest prosciutto doesn’t have. Your big thighs jiggle like they are made of water…”

Oh, bella Boricuona mia, come sei tanta! Mi voglio rintanare tra i tuoi fianchi e baciare il tuo grasso senza fretta, oncia dopo oncia.

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7 Responses to “Ms. Boricua got juicier, fatter and hotter”

  1. femsup Says:

    Its very rude I think to leave a woman of this size and stature without a comment.I love the burble and ripples of cellulite on her bottom even the spots are sexy and can often be found on huge arses.

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Femsup, thank you! I totally agree with you. Ms Boricua is an amazing woman, and the infinite softness of her thighs and hips deserves never ending praises. I really hope Mercedes puts out more videos of her, because Boricua really shines in movies! I’d love a nice, long walking video of her in a bikini, can you imagine? And I’d love a video of someone squeezing her thighs and hips…

  3. tappar Says:

    Boricua is truly gloriously beautiful and sexxy I just desire to be enfolded by her incredible softness.

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    Ah Boricua, Boricua, Boricua, we love your big, soft hips!

  5. franco corelli Says:

    i’d love to watch her sucking off a big black she’s slurping and sucking him to drain his nutt,i’ll be watching them and jerking off,knowing i’ll never enjoy the pleasure of her inviting pouty lips like that black he spurts his load into her hungry mouth,i’d explode and offer to eat her sweet pussy and ass as he wipes his meat all over her face and she moans in ecstasy.

  6. franco corelli Says:

    ms.boricua-send me a comment on my fantasy.i’d love to hear it!!!

  7. fatcurvystories Says:

    Ciao Franco! Ms Boricua e’ bellissima, mi piace molto la sua morbidissima abbondanza, la molle e aristocratica pinguedine dei suoi fianchi.

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