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Ms. Boricua got juicier, fatter and hotter

August 18, 2010

Did the wonderful Ms. Boricua get fatter recently? It’s no secret our big Boricuona is one of my personal and absolute favorite models, and I am thrilled by the thought she is getting bigger. She already has some of jiggliest and squishier hips and thighs I have ever seen, and I know another 20 or 30 pounds would look fantastic on her. She is so hot I want to eat her up! I love those sexy lips and dark hair, those sweet eyes and those massive deposits of cellulite down there… look at the side of her thighs, she has some big fat rolls of lard. They are so soft they are going to melt in your hands.

“Amore, are my thighs too skinny?”

“Boricuona, no, they are so fat you’re bursting out of your own skin”


“Yes, let me squeeze them… see, look how fat you are, you got this chunk of flesh that even the fattest prosciutto doesn’t have. Your big thighs jiggle like they are made of water…”

Oh, bella Boricuona mia, come sei tanta! Mi voglio rintanare tra i tuoi fianchi e baciare il tuo grasso senza fretta, oncia dopo oncia.

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OPULENZIA: the Fifth Step, when Carmelona hugs the Hunger for Love, and her fat prevails

August 13, 2010

Previous chapter

After a few days with Zia Carmela I was going crazy. Carmela would nonchalantly walk around half naked exposing her enormous graces, subjecting me to the embarrassment of my own erections, as I was unable to do anything about it. What was there to do anyway? I was cursed with a wet dream of a Goddess that happened to be my aunt.

I started requesting hugs, just to feel the embrace of her soft body against mine. It was very much a bittersweet torture, but it felt so good to just press myself against her pillowy curves. The hard-ons I would get during those intimate moments were painfully mind-blowing. And it was just a hug! I purposely started wearing the softest sweat pants or pajamas — with no underwear! — just to feel my cock pressed into her spongy, wet fat thighs. She was extremely tall, and often times she was wearing heels on top of it, insomuch that my groin was at the same height of the fattest point of her thighs. And there, it was like pushing against a mountain of whipped cream. I never imagined a human body could feel so good.

Hug after hug, I would try to get friskier and friskier. The first time she hugged me, when my head naturally landed between her tits, I just stayed there motionless, enjoying the Flesh Heaven but afraid she would be enraged at me any moment. But she never was. So the second or third time, I started moving my head and nuzzling my lips into that paradise. The fourth time, I flat out opened my lips, just to feel her creamy boob flesh enter my mouth. She never gave me any signals that my behavior was unacceptable. On the contrary, she was trying to soothe me into thinking that I was just following my instincts, whatever they were. So it was ok. How can that be wrong, after all? Just let it go…

But in what wonderful abyss of perversion was my behavior leading me?


Big mountainous curves for Sammee Matthews

August 4, 2010

A big mountains of flesh in a mesmerizing waterfall, and the loving stare of the Goddess Mother, just for you…

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