SSBBWofYourDreams bold measures (42C-50-70, 413lb)

belle curve lardose

Shaped like an amphora, filled to capacity

(Photos are (C) of SSBBWofYourDreams)

Do you have a SSBBW of Your Dreams? Well, regardless of your answer, there’s one called just like that.

She is a big Goddess shaped like an amphora: her large, capacious body holds a treasure you can only dream of. So dream. Imagine of holding her hips by your hands, snuggling yourself between her legs. Don’t you want to hold the richness of her womb between your arms, squeezing pounds upon pounds of flesh between your hands?

She has more than you can handle. She is very well covered in the meat department. She is endowed with beauty in the form of plentiful cellulite around her hips and thighs, like many pear-shaped SSBBW. After all, as she has said in the past, she is “extremely pear-shaped”.

big, fat pot holes of cellulite

holes of cellulite

I love it when SSBBWs talk about their bold curves like that. I love the confidence and the understanding that her opulence is a strength and a lustful ideal for many men, and she exploits it like a real woman. We are left there to just drool.

How can we not drool? If you happen to meet her down the street, don’t forget to check out her curves because they are a whopping 42C-50-70 inches. That’s 107-127-177 cm. Yes, it’s a lot of flesh on her hips. She knows you want to squeeze all that fat, and you’re going to have a lot of squeezing to do.

Admire the beauty of her fat bubbles & pot-holes of cellulite on her thighs.

Admire her sensual belly, fleshy and generous, a life of pleasure.

Admire the mountain of lard on her hips, something to dive into and hold onto. She weigh in at 413 pounds. You’re going to have meat for the rest of your life.

And yes, ogle the mountains and the canyons, the valleys and the rivers of juice: climb the buttocks and lay down in the pool.

Stringi la sua carne. Il suo grasso. Il suo lardo da maialona. Quasi due metri di fianchi in cui affondare le mani durante la monta.

Mount her, love her, cover her with your passion. Hold her, and penetrate her. Hold it, fondle her. Kiss her.

Melt your lips on her softness.

Il ventre della Dea

Il ventre della Dea

una montagna di carne, traboccante di lardo

una montagna di carne, traboccante di lardo

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4 Responses to “SSBBWofYourDreams bold measures (42C-50-70, 413lb)”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    OH Yes Yes I Jerry Gatlin Truly LOVES this Super Pretty Fine Blessed SSBBW here I Love them ALL Man Damn. I am in ‘DEEP Search’ for myself one at this Email compliment so if their is one out their like this one Jerry Gatlin am single available and looking for you here in Los Angeles California at this email compliment. 7-22-10.

  2. northern goddess Says:

    Cool updates of this Goddess on Demand!

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    @northern, thanks, you should do a post on her too!

  4. femsup Says:

    I like your description of her as an amphora.She must hold a lot of hot oily cum.

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