How would you hug a hourglass-shaped SSBBW like Supreme Diva?

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Supreme Diva clearly succeeded fattening her hips and thighs and she looks proud of it, slapping her pillows without shame. Bellissima.

And so I have a challenge for my readers. Imagine this Goddess — all the 400+ pounds of her — was a friend of yours. Someone you meat at parties and hug in front of your girlfriend. The question is, what would you do when you hug her? Would you hug her softly like a true gentleman? Or would you grab her tight, unafraid to show your passion even if that means smashing her boobs on your chest? (Isn’t that inevitable anyway, with a body like her’s?)

What would you think? She walks toward you in a fluffy skirt that wobbles like drapes hanging from the protruding oceans of her jiggly flesh. You know what I’m talking about. She has got so much meat on those 98 (ninety eight) inches of hips that when they bounce, the skirt shakes like a ship in a seaquake. That’s two and half meters of fat meat, by the way.

Would you put your arms around her back, or rather slightly above her waist, in order to feel the softness of those fat buttocks? Or maybe, equally perverted, would you put your fingers on her sides, right below her waist line, where the lower curve of her hourglass begins to enlarge into the immensity of her hips? I’m curious.

Watch more videos of Supreme Diva and her lardy 44EE-40-98 inches (112-101-249 cm) at

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5 Responses to “How would you hug a hourglass-shaped SSBBW like Supreme Diva?”

  1. kenia55 Says:

    mucho ruido y pocas nueces videos de poca duracion

  2. femsup Says:

    There is an area of her bottom crack near the top where the buttocks open out a little.Very cute and very fascinating.Such lovely strong yet fluid movement of her flesh.Like how her bottom in some poses becomes indivisable form her huge capacious thighs.

    As to how I would hold her well it would be a tight embrace.I would love to show her that I am not recoiling from her weighty beauty as others might but want to bury my body in her succulent fat embrace.

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    Personally I’d dig my fingers into her thighs, squeezing her flesh softly but constantly. And when I kiss her, I’ll dip my whole hands into her waist, feeling the girth of her full hips and tapping the watery lard of her buttocks.

  4. femsup Says:

    Yes that would be reassuring to do fatcurvysories.

  5. How to fist kiss Says:

    How to fist kiss…

    […]How would you hug a hourglass-shaped SSBBW like Supreme Diva? « Fat Curvy Stories[…]…

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