Massively Jiggly Ocean (on video)… Sofia Rose!

This is perhaps the most pronounced example of Jiggly Paradise. We have an unknown magnificent beauty, Sofia Rose, relatively slender, but very generously endowed. She inspires warmth, lust, passion. Thirst. Confidence. She wears a corset that does nothing to hide her opulent curves. On the contrary, her attire seems designed to accentuate the fleshiness of her soft body.

The corset barely contains her large natural breasts. They are put up on a shelf, on display, for everyone to see. Because everyone must see the enormous amounts of flesh that she can offer, everyone must see the abundant milk, the incredible softness, the irreverent health of her ample charms.

And then she walks. She walks toward the camera with that big, bulging paradise of flesh bouncing everywhere. You can see copious boob flesh pushing against the edges of the bra, close to overflow. The corset miraculously contains tall waves of fatness, waves upon waves of beauty bouncing right in front of everyone. Sofia has no problems showing how curvy she is. She has big, fat breasts and she knows it.

There are many consequences of her actions. Her lover at home just understood he wants to marry her and give her a child. Her eighty years old high school teacher just had an enormous erection. A young admirer approached her after the show and while staring shamelessly into her cleavage, he told her that he fell in love with her. She hugged his head into her boob bed, kissed his cheek and whispered him, “Lick me.”

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8 Responses to “Massively Jiggly Ocean (on video)… Sofia Rose!”

  1. Sofia Rose Says:

    HEY, thats me from when i appeared on the Christina show!!! 🙂 thanks!!!!

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    OH my gosh, SOFIA!!! I KNEW it, I knew that was you but I wasn’t 100% sure! That video is incredible. Sofia, I wish you made a whole full length video walking in a corset like that, especially now that you are even bigger! Your curves are pure poetry in motion. My secret wish is that you make a high resolution video like that in the future, with all 100% walking. I can only imagine how spectacular you must look now. Your beauty is a huge inspiration for me!

  3. femsup Says:

    I have been a long time devotee of the goddess that is Sofia Rose.She has a natural sensual face.She also looks like someone I used to work with who was a fat gorgeous woman.

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    @femsup tell us more about your ex-coworker! And yes, Sofia is a gorgeous woman who is not afraid to show off the opulent abundance of her graces. I love how confident she looks walking down the TV studio with so much beauty jiggling and bouncing everywhere.

  5. femsup Says:

    Yes my coworker used to show a slight bit of cleavage and wore navy blue or black breast hugging warm materialled tops that were soft.She rarely showed the full capaciousness of her huge breasts except at some dressy occsions after work.

    She did not flaunt her breasts but she did not hide them either.My penis still gets hard thinking about her and its so nice to see Sofia Rose because she always reminds me of her.

  6. fatcurvystories Says:

    @femsup What cup size do you think wore? And how large were her hips, around 50″, 60″ or… more?

  7. femsup Says:

    I would say she was about 46 inches at the hips with 44 F cup breasts.

  8. yo mama Says:

    can you look between your tits, i’ve seem to have misplaced my kitten. lol

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