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Sammie Matthews goes wider, rounder, further

July 30, 2010

Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to go any further…

(photo is (c)

In case you didn’t notice, Thunder gained

July 26, 2010

(photos are (c)

She is all legs

She is all legs

Yes, even I didn’t notice but it truly looks true. Thunder, probably the girl with the most incredible waist/hips ratio (28/78) definitely appears like she added a bunch of meat to her already impressive curves. Look at those thighs… have you ever seen a leg that… long? Because I already know that you probably never seen a thigh that fat. We all know that.

Her hips apparently now are 101 inches packed with the creamiest lard. A lot of lard.

Questa maialona da monta ha 256 cm di fianchi.

SSBBWofYourDreams bold measures (42C-50-70, 413lb)

July 22, 2010
belle curve lardose

Shaped like an amphora, filled to capacity

(Photos are (C) of SSBBWofYourDreams)

Do you have a SSBBW of Your Dreams? Well, regardless of your answer, there’s one called just like that.

She is a big Goddess shaped like an amphora: her large, capacious body holds a treasure you can only dream of. So dream. Imagine of holding her hips by your hands, snuggling yourself between her legs. Don’t you want to hold the richness of her womb between your arms, squeezing pounds upon pounds of flesh between your hands?

She has more than you can handle. She is very well covered in the meat department. She is endowed with beauty in the form of plentiful cellulite around her hips and thighs, like many pear-shaped SSBBW. After all, as she has said in the past, she is “extremely pear-shaped”. (more…)

Cajun hips for breakfast

July 18, 2010

Wouldn’t you love to wake up and have some Cajun Big Hips & Full Thighs for breakfast? The really fat, bulging kind, topped with a giant ball of melted mozzarella and served with very generous sides of butter, cream, and a heaping bowl of lard. Everything is smothered in thick, luxurious layers of cellulite, so soft your lips will keep coming back and dive into an ocean of decadence.

(photo is (c) of BBW Cajun Big EZ Productions)

How would you hug a hourglass-shaped SSBBW like Supreme Diva?

July 14, 2010

(video excerpt is (c) of

Supreme Diva clearly succeeded fattening her hips and thighs and she looks proud of it, slapping her pillows without shame. Bellissima.

And so I have a challenge for my readers. Imagine this Goddess — all the 400+ pounds of her — was a friend of yours. Someone you meat at parties and hug in front of your girlfriend. The question is, what would you do when you hug her? Would you hug her softly like a true gentleman? Or would you grab her tight, unafraid to show your passion even if that means smashing her boobs on your chest? (Isn’t that inevitable anyway, with a body like her’s?)

What would you think? She walks toward you in a fluffy skirt that wobbles like drapes hanging from the protruding oceans of her jiggly flesh. You know what I’m talking about. She has got so much meat on those 98 (ninety eight) inches of hips that when they bounce, the skirt shakes like a ship in a seaquake. That’s two and half meters of fat meat, by the way.

Would you put your arms around her back, or rather slightly above her waist, in order to feel the softness of those fat buttocks? Or maybe, equally perverted, would you put your fingers on her sides, right below her waist line, where the lower curve of her hourglass begins to enlarge into the immensity of her hips? I’m curious.

Watch more videos of Supreme Diva and her lardy 44EE-40-98 inches (112-101-249 cm) at

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