Fat hips… and fatter hips

(image is (c) dirtylittlediva.com)

This is what it looks like. Even if the model on the left is absolutely stunning, Diva on the right shows you how it is to be dealing with more of the same. The extra meat she offers makes for a more luxurious trip to heaven. The mountains of her hips tower way high and the thickness of her thighs is staggering. Who wouldn’t want to get behind Diva and grab the big flesh pillows on the sides of her hips, digging deep into that bubbly beach? Even just gathering the girth of the full 165 cm rotundity of such ass will be mind blowing.

See more of Dirty Little Diva at dirtylittlediva.com!

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2 Responses to “Fat hips… and fatter hips”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Wow Dirty Diva Jerry Gatlin still wants to ‘Appear’ with you on Film lady living out my Face Sitting Booty Spanking Fantasies ok. 6-23-10.

  2. bbwlover57 Says:

    Oh Lord I truly Love how you Mordern BBW’s get down with your Modeling Art ok, God always richely Bless n Keep you Ladies Modeling like this oK…12-24-11.

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