Katrina and her temple of Flesh

Sono due silos di carne

Supersized Goddess Katrina, the Goddess of Heaps, greets us with her cumulation of lard. The mountains of cellulite she is showing off are an insult to poverty, an indecent slander of decency, and the warmest, creamiest hug you can receive. She’s got more flesh than a fat woman and she has tall, soft oceans, quivering under the moonlight.

Let’s notice how magnificently wide, are her beautiful fat thighs. They are columns of water, falling like warm, liquid butter. She welcomes me between her obese legs with ease. I long to be lulled between the soft Heaps of flesh up to her hips. I watch my own body and notice how much smaller it is than one of her mammoth thighs. Just one thigh is larger than my whole body. She is very well fed. Two of those enormously squishy pillows are going to wrap my entire body. I put my many gifts right between her thighs, one by one, and I open my arms to receive her giant offer. I grab the fattest point on her hips, where your hands sink in and get lost in an ocean of beauty. I cup 50 kilos of flesh on each side and shake them around like water balloons. Liquid mountains. Epicurean eternity. She is Katrina, Goddess of Heaps.

(photo is (c) of supersizedbombshells.com)

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5 Responses to “Katrina and her temple of Flesh”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Damn Ms Super Pretty Fine Katrina Jerry Gatlin am Stone ‘Crazy’ Over your very Pretty Face, and, Very Sexxxxy Build BODY ok Damn. Some People have told me that Women like you look Disgusting but Jerry Gatlin here tells them you are my ‘Fetish’ OK Damn. 6-10-10.

  2. Freddy Says:

    Ciao. scrivo questo commento, oltre che per apprezzare le montagne di carne di Katrina, anche per chiedere (al gestore del blog o a chiunque lo sappia) se esistono modelle o pornostar BBW e SSBBW Italiane…

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    Al momento non me ne vengono in mente, ma penso proprio di si… mi sembra ci fosse una modella su siliconefree. Non credo ci siano SSBBW al livello di Katrina o Valerie, ma c’e’ qualche BBW di sicuro. Se solo mi ricordassi… qualcuno puo’ aiutarmi?

  4. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Boy Wow Thank You Ms Katrina for being so highly Pretty Fine Sexxxy and every thing to all us Serious BBW Loving Men such as myself Jerry Gatlin oK…7-11-11.

  5. bbwlover57 Says:

    Damn YES Katrina I truly Love that BODY on you Lady Damnn its Dick Harding for me oK Dang. 12-24-11.

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