Favorite Fat Curvy Models Poll results!

Super Dome Booty -- 2009 Fat Curvy Queen!

Well well well… it’s been a year this poll has been up and I think it’s time to take it down and show the final results! As you can imagine from the opening photo, the winner is…. SuperDome Booty! It was inevitable. Her incredibly pronounced curves, with loads of meat from the waist down and generous breasts up top, together with her seemingly reserved super sweet smile, can win the most hearts. And I tend to think that with a body like that, you may be able to win even some non-BBW lovers. Because quite simply, nobody could deny she is extremely curvy. Not even a fat hater could deny that. That’s why she is the Queen, our Fat Curvy Queen. Congratulations SuperDome! You deserved it!

But without further ado, here are our Top 10 final standings, listing the total number of vote the best players received.

Super Dome Booty: 964 –> Fat Curvy Queen 2009/10
Viva La Valerie: 655
SupaThickMami: 569
Gwen: 559
Brie Brown: 455
Cajun Big Ez: 454
Airabella: 446
Gaining Goddess: 424
Asshley: 331
MsDawnP: 331

From these standings, I can assert one thing about Fat Curvy Stories readers: Hips Hips Hips. Pears win 10 of the 11 positions in our Top 10, err, Top 11. Yes, because MsDawnP, our only true hourglass here, was able to let her very maternal charms seduce some of those pear lovers to the magnificent beauty of her ample bosom. But let’s view our beauties one more time….

Viva La Valerie!


Gwen Dolan a.k.a. BBW Gwen

Brie Brown, the Mother of all Pears!

BBW Cajun Big Ez

Gaining Goddess


Ms Dawn P and her 66 inches breasts (46L cup)!

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13 Responses to “Favorite Fat Curvy Models Poll results!”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Gun Says:

    Wow Wow WEE Men Damn this is a Completely Mind Blowing Fine Pretty Celluite Leg Lady here Damn I truly ‘LOVE’ her. 5-25-10.

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hey Jerry, who was your favorite?

  3. northern goddess Says:

    SDBooty’s overwhelming win was totally deserved. And the gap between her score and the 2nd says it all. Together with an incomparable pear-shaped figure and an outstanding height, she also enjoys a so lovely face.

    In a SSBBW focused contest as this, worth of note are also the scores of two BBWs as SupaThickMami (3rd) and Gwen (4th): it would be like a middleweight boxer fighting against the heavyweights (well, if +300 pounds might be reckoned as a middleweight…). About the other former Northern Goddesses, a bit disappointing were Jenni and D.L. Diva’s scores (279 and 253 votes, respectively), while very disappointing was Syrianna’s (only 190 votes). To be honest, I find no reasons to explain such a failure.

    Finally, let me underline the “Rule of the Pear”. As evidence of this, I will not bring you the experience of my blog, because readers of a site focusing on pear-shaped figure above any other thing it is obvious that will contemn any other kind of beauty. But if you pay attention on the sharing sites as imagefap or rude.com, where below every thumbnail is displayed the number of views, you will see that wide-hipped and heavy-bottomed beauties always collect the greatest part of views.

  4. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    Mhhh, her victory came quite unexpected to me.
    I was rooting for Valerie & Dawn.

    I’m not saying that SDB isn’t a sex bomb (au contraire!), but I think she lacks the enormity of Valerie’s butt and the beautiful, humongous breasts of Dawn.

    Anyway, hail to the new queen! 😀

  5. Claudio Says:

    Best post ever : )
    My favs; 1) Gaining Goddess 2) Airabella 3) Gwen & Supathick

  6. fatcurvystories Says:

    It’s true this contest was focused mainly on SSBBW, I just now realize it. When I put it together I merely added all my favorite goddesses. 🙂 And that’s probably the reason why pears won so strikingly: the only true hourglasses in the contest were MsDawnP, Ms Diva, Jade 125Q and Desiree Devine. Also when the choice is 95% SSBBW and also considering this blog has been mainly discussing SSBBW in a while, the majority of people who are going to vote are hard-core FAs, which tend to prefer pears. As Sephiroth pointed out in the past, the “boob” factor has a big role for a wider category of people, such as undecised or closeted FAs, and non-FA, but none of those people are visiting this blog probably, for the reasons explained above.

    In any event, I am quite happy for the results! SuperDome is a stunning beauty that made my jaw drop to the floor the first time I saw her. The second revelation for me was Airabella, who is a total sexual creature with some of the most sensual videos ever, all played around her “pear-glass” bubbly fat.

    I am also happy for SupaThick Mami because she is a supa-sweet girl, and MsDawnP, who deserves to be in a Fellini movie. I’m a little sad for some preference of mine such as Ms Boricua (233), Vanilla Pear (120) and Sugar Moore (86 only! but she is such a sex bomb!). They all have a stunning jiggle factor.

  7. Tweets that mention Favorite Fat Curvy Models Poll results! « Fat Curvy Stories -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by FatCurvyStories and FatCurvyStories, FatCurvyStories. FatCurvyStories said: @SuperdomeBooty Hi sexy, just wanted to tell you you won the Fat Curvy Queen contest on Fat Curvy Stories!! http://bit.ly/boPb0e […]

  8. V Says:

    HHHMMMMMM!my cock at gwen ,thick mammi,asshley,cajun.

  9. Nakar Says:

    It’s a bit late to be stating anything on the subject, but I have to say that Ms Dawn P is my absolute favourite of the women listed. She has an excellent figure that amplifies size both above and below the waist – something that’s rarely seen to that degree. Whenever I read a segment of Opulenzia, I picture Carmelia as a somewhat taller (but equally proportioned) version of Dawn.

  10. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hi Nakar, I have a sweet spot for Ms Dawn P myself! You are absolutely right about her, she is incredible. And like the best wines, she keeps getting sweeter and more beautiful as time goes by!

  11. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Wow so Nice I wish I could Make good Loving to all these Super Pretty Fine Women here Nice…6-13-13…

  12. knight4444 Says:

    Great poll, but lets be honest, Jenni Bombshell is a LEGEND!!

  13. fatcurvystories Says:

    She most definitely is! I was surprised she didn’t make it into this poll. But yeah, she has been gaining and she looks stunning every time i stumble upon her photos online. What a goddess! And what goddesses all these women are, really!

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