Sofia Rose gained beauty

Sofia Rose and her amazing measures may have become stale… for she seemed to have gained a considerable amount of beauty, in the shape of curves, rolls, rounds of cellulite. She may be approaching SSBBW lands? Perhaps the most telling indicator is her face, radiating warmth like a sun.

Le gia’ abbondanti misure di Sofia Rose, un notevole 132-101-132 che parla di mammelle e fianchi molto grassi, si sono ingrassate ancora, accumulando carne e crema in gran copia.

(photo is (c)

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16 Responses to “Sofia Rose gained beauty”

  1. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    Cavolo s’è aumentata! Ricordo che una volta era a malapena da considerarsi una BBW… ora invece lo è a tutti gli effetti!

    Devo dire che, anche se preferisco donne di stazza ancor più abbondante, lei è una delle poche “petites” BBW che trovo molto seducente. Sarà lo sguardo, sarà il color mediterraneo della sua pelle, non so…

    Di sicuro sarei molto felice di vederla molto più grassa, però. 😀

  2. Freddy Says:

    Wow! Sono felice che sia ingrassata ancora. Sofia è una delle mie preferite perchè oltre che un corpo stupendo ha anche un bel viso.
    Speriamo continui così!!

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    Sofia e’ una ragazza bellissima, una vera dea. E’ incredibile come riesca a sembrare allo stesso tempo una visione angelica e una esperta meretrice, con tanta carne da offrire. Spero che ingrassi ancora, perche’ con delle forme cosi’ esplosive non e’ lecito chiedere limiti. E’ incredibile per esempio quanto si sia ingrassato il suo culo. Di questo passo, diventera’ una meravigliosa muccona da carne, bellissima.

  4. mike hunt Says:

    Anyone think she’s at 300 lb’s yet?

  5. fatcurvystories Says:

    I don’t think she is quite at 300lb yet, although I don’t know her height, and height can play a big role. I have the impression she is average height, probably 5’6″, so my estimate is 250lb maybe?

  6. gerald Says:

    Last we heard, she’s 5’7 and over 260, but that was around 6 months ago, and she said she’s been gaining, and that picture was pretty recent.

  7. fatcurvystories Says:

    thanks Gerald… so maybe 280lb? I don’t think she is 300lb…

  8. gerald Says:

    considering she started around 225 in 06, she’s packed on 55 pounds total.

  9. sam Says:

    jeez… she really is growing. I can really see the difference. I think she’s a stout 290 right now.

  10. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hi Sam, Sofia is such a gorgeous goddess. I always loved how comfortable she is with her body and how sensual she is. She sends out such a positive healthy message and I think many women can relate and be inspired by her playfulness and prosperous cheerfulness. And her juicyness and softness of her curves could revive the dead!

  11. sam Says:

    Do u agree with me tho?

  12. fatcurvystories Says:

    Hi Sam, well sort of… I don’t know for sure her weight, maybe she is a little less than that, maybe 270-280lb like I said earlier, but regardless of that she is wonderfully beautiful.

  13. Sal Says:

    FCS, can we please get a new update on Sofia Rose for next month, I’d love to hear some new news!

  14. rocco Says:

    ciao sei molto bonazza

  15. poetryman69 Says:

    she wears it well

  16. tony shivers Says:

    Any updates on Sofias weight? I know this post is old but her latest update she looked like shes dropped quite a few pounds not to mention she took some time away from her site, kinda vanished, hopefully shes okay. Im just wondering if she doing alright. Shes so sexy!

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