I Want to Swim in the Jenni Ocean

I want to swim in that ocean of beauty. I love how liquid and squishy it looks. It makes me want to reach over and hold her, in my arms for an eternity. I want to dive in and lose myself inside of her. Become a hungry fish in the ocean. Bring my love everywhere across the Lands of the world, and back deep into the Seven Seas. If my woman is so fat I will tell her she is beautiful like a Goddess of the Olympus. Wonderful like the Sun. I will tell her she is fatter than anyone I know, and her hips are round like two big Moons. I will show her the excitement of my body, so she knows what I mean. I will lust at the mountains of watery cellulite all around me.

And when we truly want to be intimate, I will simply let the waves and the tides guide me deep into her, as I incessantly adore the bumps and the dimples of her cellulite, enamored by the sweetness of her smile.

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3 Responses to “I Want to Swim in the Jenni Ocean”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    YES Lord Thank You Goddess Jenni Jerry Gatlin will LOVE you all the days of my Life Time ok. Keep Modeling like this, keep Creating like this ok. 5-6-10.

  2. northern goddess Says:

    Speaking about Oceans and swimming, I can but say that Californian beaches, although not beautiful as Mediterranean, Caribbean, or Polynesian, are very suitable for whale watching, as you can see in the following picture:

    The specimen at the left had no fears of our cameras:

    It was playful as a kid:

    • fatcurvystories Says:

      Wow, the width of those hips…. her hips are much larger than her legs are long.

      I love how Jenni’s legs build up the largeness of her hips, if you know what I mean… her hips start from her thighs

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