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Juicy Little Fat Girl e le sue cosce da lardarelli

May 30, 2010

Ma quello non vi sembra un prosciutto di quelli grassi, da maialona svergognata? I lardarelli ricchissimi, lisci come velluto imburrato, soffici come cuscini di olio.
Ma non vi sembra che Juicy vi stia dicendo, “Guarda mo qua’ che cosce, mo lo sai che me le sono ingrassate di 30 chili? Son piena. Non vuoi palparmi quel lardo pesante, lungo la coscia? E’ tutta cellulite. Mi taglio un’altra fetta di torta mentre mi palpi, poi mi faccio mungere.

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Favorite Fat Curvy Models Poll results!

May 25, 2010

Super Dome Booty -- 2009 Fat Curvy Queen!

Well well well… it’s been a year this poll has been up and I think it’s time to take it down and show the final results! As you can imagine from the opening photo, the winner is…. SuperDome Booty! It was inevitable. Her incredibly pronounced curves, with loads of meat from the waist down and generous breasts up top, together with her seemingly reserved super sweet smile, can win the most hearts. And I tend to think that with a body like that, you may be able to win even some non-BBW lovers. Because quite simply, nobody could deny she is extremely curvy. Not even a fat hater could deny that. That’s why she is the Queen, our Fat Curvy Queen. Congratulations SuperDome! You deserved it!

But without further ado, here are our Top 10 final standings, listing the total number of vote the best players received.

Super Dome Booty: 964 –> Fat Curvy Queen 2009/10
Viva La Valerie: 655
SupaThickMami: 569
Gwen: 559
Brie Brown: 455
Cajun Big Ez: 454
Airabella: 446
Gaining Goddess: 424
Asshley: 331
MsDawnP: 331

From these standings, I can assert one thing about Fat Curvy Stories readers: Hips Hips Hips. Pears win 10 of the 11 positions in our Top 10, err, Top 11. Yes, because MsDawnP, our only true hourglass here, was able to let her very maternal charms seduce some of those pear lovers to the magnificent beauty of her ample bosom. But let’s view our beauties one more time….

Sofia Rose gained beauty

May 20, 2010

Sofia Rose and her amazing measures may have become stale… for she seemed to have gained a considerable amount of beauty, in the shape of curves, rolls, rounds of cellulite. She may be approaching SSBBW lands? Perhaps the most telling indicator is her face, radiating warmth like a sun.

Le gia’ abbondanti misure di Sofia Rose, un notevole 132-101-132 che parla di mammelle e fianchi molto grassi, si sono ingrassate ancora, accumulando carne e crema in gran copia.

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I cuscini di puro grasso MsSuperdome

May 14, 2010

Con due cosce cosi’, l’unica cosa da fare e’ procreare. Cosce cosi’ grosse non possono avere altro intento che stimolare la procreazione. Di certo non sono fatte per camminare, ne’ per scappare da eventuali predatori, con tutto quel volume bolleggiante. Ne’ sono fatte per muoversi in fretta, sotto il peso di svariati chilogrammi di grasso. E allora, per quali ragioni credete che le sue cosce si siano ingrassate cosi’ tanto? L’unica ragione e’ per supportare la procreazione. Una donna cosi’ non cammina, si fa servire. Una donna cosi’ non scappa, ma cattura i suoi predatori, dall’alto del suo metro e novanta di altezza, e dal largo dei suoi 190 cm di fianchi. Tutta quella carne e’ li’ solo per covare l’amplesso piu’ intenso e la prole piu’ forte, in un mare infinito.

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Panterra drops 50 pounds of fat meat on your face

May 10, 2010

Click for video on Vimeo!

Panterra, the fat beauty who owns you, recently gained a bunch of weight which all ended going on her hips and thighs. Now her legs are nothing but hills of large amounts of cellulite, decadent beauty for you to die into. Her buttocks are tall as a mountain, a soft mountain of water, the safest port you can harbor in. She takes pride to be able to lift her copious beauty and drop it on your face, like a bucket of cream. She wants to show you the bumps and holes of her cellulite, the many rolls of lard and the big heaps on the side of her hips. Or are those thighs? Where do hips end and thighs begin? Does it matter? It’s heavy, jiggling jell-o. It’s so much meat you can dig your hands in there and squeeze for an eternity.

Oh bella cosciona! Oh grassa matrona! Fai che le nostre compagne mettano su cosi’ tanto lardo come ne hai messo su te!

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