Taking Toya Bombshell on the table, in front of an open window

Toya walked to the table jiggling the imposing abundance of her figure and laid down on it, in front of the open window. The beautiful complexion of her skin shined against the pale light coming from outside. I caressed the richness of her cellulite, fondling her thighs with great pleasure. I ventured into her waist and the smooth hills of her back, finally reaching her hips. She was a tall, dark mountain of fertility. I climbed her, adored her, grabbed her everywhere. I took her. She took me.

And while we were mating a teenager stopped in front of the window. I felt his stare. Without looking back, I lifted six quarts of flesh from her belly and let it fall down. I dipped my hand all over her fat thighs and jiggled her hips. She looked at him and screamed that her thighs recently gained six inches.

I grabbed a chunks of lard from her beautiful thighs and pounded her even harder.

(photo is (c) supersizedbombshells.com)

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4 Responses to “Taking Toya Bombshell on the table, in front of an open window”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    OH YES Dang this Sister here is SO SO ‘Super FLY’ to me Jerry Gatlin I need me a Super Pretty Fine Woman just like this right now. 4-24-10.

  2. Freddy Says:


  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    ciao Freddy, yes she is marvelous! Bella grassa, eh?

  4. Fatfun Says:

    Back or front, she is fantastic !

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