My giantess friend Kellie Kay

Every night I would come home, and hide myself next to the sweet Giantess body.

Her belly made every trouble of the day become an insignificant matter. Light and matter, life and pleasure all came from her belly.

Her naked breast nourished me with the richest milk. It was never clear where the milk ended and the teat started.

Her arms are welcoming and soft.

The extreme tallness of her hips gave me strength and passion. I knew I could always go back and dive between her soft pillow of her belly. The magnificence of her thighs, together with their butteryness, gave me a sense of infinity, the tangible barrier of flesh, so deep you can dive into it.

I often licked thoroughly the fat of her thighs, sucking some flesh into my mouth. Tasting her like a hungry animal.

Her hips were shelter and sex. Her body was home and final port of call.

(Photo is (c) Kellie Kay /

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3 Responses to “My giantess friend Kellie Kay”

  1. femsup Says:

    HER THIGHS REALLY ARE MAGNIFICENT.infinitely expansive and over the horizon with gorgeous fatness.

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    Yes they are! and after watching it again, I STILL love how tall her hips look, when she is laying on her side. A walled garden of Eden.

  3. Herbert, garten Says:

    Herbert, garten…

    […]My giantess friend Kellie Kay « Fat Curvy Stories[…]…

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