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Taking Toya Bombshell on the table, in front of an open window

April 24, 2010

Toya walked to the table jiggling the imposing abundance of her figure and laid down on it, in front of the open window. The beautiful complexion of her skin shined against the pale light coming from outside. I caressed the richness of her cellulite, fondling her thighs with great pleasure. I ventured into her waist and the smooth hills of her back, finally reaching her hips. She was a tall, dark mountain of fertility. I climbed her, adored her, grabbed her everywhere. I took her. She took me.

And while we were mating a teenager stopped in front of the window. I felt his stare. Without looking back, I lifted six quarts of flesh from her belly and let it fall down. I dipped my hand all over her fat thighs and jiggled her hips. She looked at him and screamed that her thighs recently gained six inches.

I grabbed a chunks of lard from her beautiful thighs and pounded her even harder.

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My giantess friend Kellie Kay

April 20, 2010

Every night I would come home, and hide myself next to the sweet Giantess body.

Her belly made every trouble of the day become an insignificant matter. Light and matter, life and pleasure all came from her belly.

Her naked breast nourished me with the richest milk. It was never clear where the milk ended and the teat started.

Her arms are welcoming and soft.

The extreme tallness of her hips gave me strength and passion. I knew I could always go back and dive between her soft pillow of her belly. The magnificence of her thighs, together with their butteryness, gave me a sense of infinity, the tangible barrier of flesh, so deep you can dive into it.

I often licked thoroughly the fat of her thighs, sucking some flesh into my mouth. Tasting her like a hungry animal.

Her hips were shelter and sex. Her body was home and final port of call.

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Il lardo delle cosce di Syrianna

April 16, 2010

Oozing fat, so beautiful!

Non trovate che Syrianna sia uno splendore di donna con delle gambe del genere? Ritengo meravigliose le increspature sulle sue cosce, con tutto quel lardo che sembra sgocciolare come un torrente di latte cremoso. Non vi vien voglia di buttarvicisi dentro o di allungare una mano?

E’ bellissimo il fatto che le mostri in modo cosi’ plateale. Fiera della sua cellulite, fiera del sua carne, desiderosa di farsela accarezzare. Sono cosce da palpare. Senz’altro frutto di una vita dedita al piacere, un vero indice di incontestabile abbondanza. Dentro quei barili di grasso giace la vita.

She looks like she is saying, “Look how fat my thighs are, don’t you want to squeeze them?

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Le increspature di cellulite di Kellie Kay

April 12, 2010

Il suo sguardo sembra dire, “Cosa fai, mi guardi in faccia? Tanto lo so che vuoi guardare il lardo che ho sulle cosce. Ti piacciono grasse, ma io ce le ho grassissime. E allora guardale, ipocrita, dimenticati della TV. Queste son le cosce che ti piacciono, non quelle delle veline. Tu vuoi nuotare nella cellulite, vuoi una donna prosperosissima, una gigantessa materna colma di latte e di carne, e io ne ho tanto di entrambi, tanto da avvolgerti tutto, come un mare.”

(Photo is (c) Kellie Kay /

The three Goddesses

April 8, 2010

What’s the name of the three Goddesses of Abundance (coming soon on the Northern Goddess)? I’m interested in particular for the middle one, with the very fat, exaggerated buttocks.

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