La Dea Grassa e la Dea magra

Come potete vedere, una Dea Grassa di fianchi e di cosce non deve nemmeno sforzarsi per sedurre. Le basta semplicemente mostrarsi, in qualsiasi spoglia si ritrovi. Senza scomporsi, la nostra Dea Grassa mostra tutta la sua bellezza, lasciando la parola alle curve dei suoi volumi e al loro spessore prosperoso. Mentre la Dea magra e’ costretta a contorcersi, la Dea Grassa indugia e sorride come la Madre di tutti i desideri.

(thanks to BlackStreetBBW for letting me know about the magnificent ThickaliciousMami!)

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6 Responses to “La Dea Grassa e la Dea magra”

  1. northern goddess’ worshipper Says:

    I guess the former is the Goddess of Abundance and Prosperity, while the latter is the Goddess of Poverty and Need:

    Perhaps, nobody better than our friend Oupelay was capable of giving voice to this polarity between wealth and poverty:

    • fatcurvystories Says:

      Thank you NGW for these precious insights. I was not aware of the name of these Goddesses. Euthenia always appears confident and at peace, aware of the fact she is able to seduce new adepts and ready to nourish her sons.

      Ouepelay is indeed capturing the essence of Opulence, and lack thereof.

  2. 55kenia Says:

    la diosa del norte fabulosa

  3. femsup Says:

    There is room enough for those two Goddesses.The first Euthenia the Goddess of plenty.Well she is fat and lives of the fat of the land.Penia brings hunger but not to her fat self but to the accolytes who worship her and sacrifice their food to her so that they may be close to starvation but she is gloriously fat.

  4. femsup Says:

    If those two women were blocking your way you would not stand a chance against such strength if they did not want you to pass.

  5. fatcurvystories Says:

    The infinite cycle of pleasure, perpetuated with opulence.

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