Favorite Fat Curvy Models Poll Update

Super Dome Booty 6'2" ultra curvy figure

Photo is (c) mssuperdomebooty.com

I wanted to give an update on my long time running poll, “What are your Favorite Fat Curvy Models?”

In case you haven’t voted yet, do so! The poll is still available on the sidebar on the right. I have decided to put a termination date on the poll: that will happen on May 25th 2010, exactly one year after its start.

And now onto the update. The top 10 positions speak volumes (pun intended) about the preferences of the readers of this blog: super-sized booties, very pronounced hips and lots of flesh. Dream woman Super Dome Booty (832 votes) leads the poll by a considerable margin, followed by Viva La Valerie (530) and her ultra-jiggly hips, dead gorgeous SupaThickMami (456) and Gwen (445) who are the only models able to get more than 400 votes. All these girls have truly massive bottoms (65″ or more) with big mounds of cellulite. This is interesting because when I started this blog I was more into boobs than butts. I guess the direction has changed.

To find a top-heavy girl we have to have to wait until position five and six, held by Rayne Or Shine (390) and the shocking Airabella (375). They are both endowed with big, beautiful fat breasts but still, their hips are so wide they draw most of the attention. Airabella’s hips in particular look like butter filled balloons.

The classic image of the all around Fat Curvy woman — bold curves, large breasts and larger hips — continues to be very well represented in the rest of our Top 10: Cajun Big Ez, Brie Brown (the original SSBBW!) and Gaining Goddess all follow in closed ranks.

Number 10 is the real diversion: MsDawnP and the jiggly paradise she carries with herself is simply too beautiful and erotic to miss the Top 10.

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5 Responses to “Favorite Fat Curvy Models Poll Update”

  1. northern goddess’ worshipper Says:

    The only conclusion we can give us is that

    PEARS rule

    Whichever size you prefer —either BBW, SSBBW, or only chubby— we can be sure that pear-shaped beauties will have greater success in every contest than hourglasses, big-boobed, or big-bellied. If you wish to increase your site’s traffic*, the easiest way is focusing on wide-hipped and big-arsed beauties.

    *Well, to be honest, the best way to increase your traffic is writing everywhere on your blog (side-bar, top-bar, bottom-bar, etc.) the following magic formulae:

    Plump Princess Courtney

    Plump Princess Free Pics

    Plump Princess Measurements

    Plump Princess Weight Gain

    Plump Princess Before and After

    Believe me, they work!

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    ciao NGW, i think you’re right. Even I started as a big boob lover, and then I realized that boobs without a base, preferably a wider base, can’t stand the test of time. After some years, I found that erotic safeness between the vastness of my woman’s hips. Large, bubbly hips that give you a kind of balance and alacrity on your overall life. Always willing to invite the mating, always welcoming, always soft and deep.

  3. jarrett_skeet Says:

    WOW!!! Love me some Ms. Superdome Booty– *sigh* what a splendid specimen of a woman. Only true BBW lovers can truly appreciate her. 🙂

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