Viva La Valerie and the door

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Wow… Valerie’s hips are so widely abundant that a door is no longer enough to contain them… that bulging heap on the side looks like a pillow about to be squeezed. Valerie is one of the most beautiful women on the planet. Go meet her here.

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13 Responses to “Viva La Valerie and the door”

  1. Claudio Says:

    Probabilmente la SSBBW più intrigante del Web.

  2. northern goddess’ worshipper Says:

    Try to hide her lower half with your hand: you will only see a pretty, chubby, and small-titted lady. Then, slide your hand down, and in front of you the Gates of Heaven will open…

    Well, try now to imagine yourself knocking a lawyer or a professor’s door, entering the room and finding Valerie sitting behind the desk. It’s the first time you see her. You sit in the chair and keep half an hour filling forms and documentation, or speaking about the M.A. thesis you would like to write. As long as you do it, your eyes can’t avoid admiring her beauty. You imagine how beautiful should her lower half be, how wide her hips, how thick her thighs, and how round might her buttocks be.

    After a while, she presses the “print” command on her keyboard and the printer on the other side of the room begins to work. Then, she stands up to go to gather the pages… “Here is your form, you only have to sign it… Oh, is everything OK? Do you need a glass of water, or to take a breath of fresh air, you seem to me in trouble…” “Oh no, I’m fine, thank you, never been so fine in my life…”

    Post Data. Sorry, I wrote in English, instead of in Italian, because otherwise I’m afraid FCS’ non-Italian visitors will complain about it, as I guess in the last twenty posts we only left comments in Italian…

  3. Jerry Gatlin Gun Says:

    OH Lord Have Mercy on me Jerry Gatlin here I want to ‘Taste’ you so ‘BADLY’ Goddess Valerie I want to know can I Please? 2-11-10.

  4. davide Says:

    Ho letto sul suo sito che Viva la Valerie è il “3° sedere più grande del mondo”? Sapete se è vero? E chi sarebbero i primi due? 🙂

  5. fatcurvystories Says:

    ciao Davide, il proclama “il 3o sedere piu’ grande del mondo” e’ per me uno slogan pubblicitario da non prendere alla lettera. Sarebbe impossibile verificarlo, siccome nuove dee dai fianchi sempre piu’ larghi nascono ogni giorno. Conosco svariate donne dal sedere piu’ largo di Valerie: una e’ Super Pear, 101″, che puoi notare presso, un’altra e’ Honey Bunz, 97″, sempre della scuderia MerdedesBBW, un’altra ancora e’ MassiveMocha, 95″. Per non dimenticare Brie Brown, con i suoi 83″ di generosa maturita’. Son sicuro che ce ne sono altre.

  6. fatcurvystories Says:

    Northern, oh yes, I can imagine that. Personally I would not be able to tear my eyes away from her bouncing hips, if she walked in front of me. One of the things that mesmerizes me about Valerie is how much “bouncing” there is on top of her hips, like they were a lake of cellulite. That vision of water is something that completely attracts me, resonates with my senses and my soul, at the same time, in ways I can’t explain rationally.

  7. femsup Says:

    Sheer peotry fcs.A lake of cellulite constsntly moving never still sometimes calm at other times raging.We are sometimes lulled with the warmth and beauty and softness and then at others have to struggle against the tide of heavy flesh consuming our whole bodies.A torrent of big hips and powerful thrusts.We want to drown in hip and arse flesh.

  8. bbwlover57 Says:

    YES Lord I Jerry Gatlin just cant get Enought of Big Pretty Valerie here Damn I wish she was my ‘Main Girl Friend’ at this compliment and I could live out my Face Sitting Fantasy with Valerie too. 2-23-10.

  9. fatcurvystories Says:

    @bbwlover57 probably even “half Valerie” would be an awesome face sitting fantasy, she is so wide!

    @femsup yes, my friend, I completely agree! The beauty of hips so vast is truly enthralling, in so many ways. You said it right, it’s a beauty that’s constantly moving and dancing around you, ever so slightly, but very noticeably so. I really love the little waves, that seem to come from nowhere, like the ocean, all around you.

  10. femsup Says:

    Yes fcs her flesh is always constantly moving with the gentlest of movements but we are consumed and lost amongst it.

  11. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Dang I still want to live out my Face Sitting and Booty Spanking Fantasies with Goddess of MUCH Booty ASS Ms Valerie Mannnn. 5-18-10.

  12. fatcurvystories Says:

    And I love the harmonious plumpness of her belly.

  13. IDREES Says:

    Dear viva i am Idrees from Singapore want to met u. i can what amount suitable for u. plz call me My H/P 8381 3750 .

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