The heaps on the hips of Olivia Pearadise

Olivia Pearadise is endowed with very large hips. Her thighs and hips are generously filled with softness and abundance, that her worshippers will love and adore daily. I know that for sure even if I’ve never seen the bareness of her cellulite: Olivia has the kind of fat curves that leaves no room for misunderstandings.

Probably because of the large chunks of meat on the tip of her cow sized haunches, her overstretched garments never seem able to contain the bursting nature of her flesh, which often appear to bubble up on top of her hips. Her motherly pear-shaped curves are probably a lake of jiggling opulence that quivers and bounces all over the place as she walks.

I noticed the fatness of her thighs emerges through the fabric of her pants in many occasions. This is indeed an invaluable reassurance for the casual admirer that happens to see her, either in dreams or in a material vision. Immediately he will know She is a prosperous and truly fat woman able to nourish his breed for an eternity of life.

(Thanks to Northern Goddess for letting me know about Olivia Pearadise)

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4 Responses to “The heaps on the hips of Olivia Pearadise”

  1. northern goddess’ worshipper Says:

    Thanks for the post, FCS.

    I strongly believe Olivia’s body to be one of the Wonders of Nature, and I cannot but agree with your detailed description. Perhaps, also my opinion of SupaThickMami’s beauty as a figure both strong and slender might be fitted to Olivia’s body: although her lower part is wonderfully thick and reassuring, you would never say Olivia to be “fat” or “heavy”, and her steps “awkward” or “clumsy”, but always graceful and elegant.

  2. fatcurvystories Says:

    I agree with you, NGW. Olivia’s and Mami’s curves never suggest the idea of clumsiness the media inevitably associates with large women. Quite the opposite actually. Looking at them I only see grace and sensuality, combined with intense eroticism. The jiggling of their meat is also something that I associate with inevitable elegance, something they naturally show with no effort whatsoever, yet very beautiful.

  3. sargonk Says:

    Fabilous ass! There is an Ideal of women, want`s more about

  4. steiny Says:

    where can I find more of this

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