Superdome Booty new website is full of incredible fat curves

Everbody stop!! SuperDome Booty has a website!

I am only now aware of its existence. I really suggest you check it out and if possible, subscribe. Show your love and support for women this wide and fleshy, so fat and curvy. Have you ever seen curves so pronounced and soft like a pillow? Thighs that long, fully padded with massive heaps of meat? And dimples everywhere of the softest cellulite ever with a gorgeous maternal smile and generous milk. This is Superdome: a tower of erotism and the sweetest girl, proud of her power over you yet willing to show you how opulent she truly is.

Height: 6’3″ or 190 cm
Weight: 390 lbs = 177 Kg
Measures: 42E-24-75″ or 107-61-191

Superdome is the best argument for parenthood and procreation I can think of. If you didn’t want to have kids before meeting SuperDome, you will after a night of climbing, crawling, loving and sleeping between the plush blankets of her soft legs. She has enough flesh and curves to keep you warm.

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13 Responses to “Superdome Booty new website is full of incredible fat curves”

  1. northern goddess’ worshipper Says:


    I have no other words… At first sight I thought to be not a photo but a virtual creation of yours, but after checking out the website, OMGoddess, that’s unbelievable!

    6’3”, oh, that’s almost like Amazon Amanda, awesome, awesome!

    About the waist measurement, aren’t you sure to be 42” instead of 24”? I guess 24” should be Nicole Kidman…

  2. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    Mhhh… what a fantastic booty!
    And she’s also as tall as a real amazon… with this incredible body, she could easily be a Black reincarnation of the goddess Freya…

    Good find, man! 😉

  3. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    Uh, a proposito! Ho notato solo ora che hai convertito le dimensioni del reggiseno da misura americana a europea… come hai fatto?
    Ho più o meno compreso come funzionano lì le cose (più è alta la lettera, più è grosso il giroseno), ma non ho mai trovato una tabella di conversione vera e propria. 😀

    Per caso tu ne sai qualcosa?

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    @northern 24″ looked suspicious to me too, but that’s what her website says. 42″ looks more reasonable but it’s too close to her chest measure, where she is also quite abundant. My guess is that her waist is probably around 34″.

    About Nicole Kidman, I involuntarily saw a news flash this morning about how pregnancy gave her “normal size” boobs (her words). Normal is of course something like a A cup. Ah! Superdome instead doesn’t have this problem. She has copia of fat everywhere, including her boobs, and plenty of nourishment everywhere whenever she will become pregnant. One of Superdome thighs is probably heavier than the whole Nicole.

    They are both amazons: one is hard table, the other is a plushy comfy bed.

  5. fatcurvystories Says:

    she is indeed incredible and her height is amazing: considering that, those thighs are really, REALLY enormous! If you look behind her you can kind of see the bed, which is a double bed, and she almost fills it up entirely! I have other photos that shows that better (stay tuned 😉

    Per la conversione delle misure ho semplicemente applicato i fattori di conversione, 1 inch = 2.54 cm, niente di chè. Per convertire la lettera del giro seno in misura italiana (prima, seconda, ecc) la cosa e’ un po’ piu’ complessa e non so di preciso, per cui l’ho ignorata. Comunque se non ricordo male, il 42E e’ il giro petto *sotto* la mammella (ossia la gabbia toracica), indossando un reggiseno “comodo”. In genere in Italia si da’ il giroseno attorno al punto piu’ largo del seno.

    Per esempio se non ricordo male Serena Grandi dei tempi d’oro (100-60-100) misurava in misure americane 34D (sesta).

  6. northern goddess’ worshipper Says:

    Yes, I agree, her waist might be about 34”-38” (of course if the 42” of her chest is trustworthy).

    If I’m not wrong, that was my second reference to Nicole Kidman in your site in a few days. In fact, of her I love everything but the skinniness. I often think how hot would she be only tripling her weight, say from 100-110 pounds to 300-330: not too much, in comparison with her height, but enough to reach a quite harmonic figure. Unfortunately, I’m not good with photoshop, otherwise I would make a bit of work on her, especially on the lower part…

  7. fatcurvystories Says:

    I am not particularly fond of Nicole Kidman (not too much into blondes), especially her face, but I do love her long legs. Superdome maybe is what Nicole could be if she gained weight, although she will probably have a smaller chest. On second thought, I think Nicole would look a lot better than today (of course!) but she would not have the curves Superdome has, in my opinion. But her long legs, if well padded with copious flesh, will certainly be wonderful.

  8. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    Uhm, am I the only FA who never cared about skinny actresses?
    I’m so uninterested in skinny bodies that I know almost none of them (for instance, I know that Nicole Kidman is a famous actress, but I can’t picture her figure at all!).

    I know I’m probably a bit crazy about this, but I think I feel pretty proud of this. 😛

  9. fatcurvystories Says:

    And you should feel proud, Sephiroth! Very rightfully so. Personally, it’s not that I care about Kidman or the other skinny models, it’s more like I can see their potential if they were BBWs. For example I can see how Valeria Marini could be a great pear-shaped SSBBW, if only she gained 200 pounds. 😉

  10. northern goddess’ worshipper Says:


    I guess the reason of your lack of interest in the actresses from the moving pictures lies in the fact that you didn’t live the pre-internet era, where only TV and cinema ruled, and for FAs it was not easy to find beauties to die for. Hence, we often adored actresses who now we would contemn.

    For instance, FCS spoke about Serena Grandi: however, I bet he also loved (together with Amarcord’s Tobacconist’s, of course) Carmen Russo and Drive in’s diva Tinì Cansino, as they were reckoned by the media as quite massive beauties, although they weren’t at all. Similarly, twenty years ago I adored Francesca Dellera, but only now I realize how skinny she was.

    About Nicole Kidman, I love her height, face, and pale complexion (of course not her shapes): well, now I don’t remember exactly when did I see her the first time, but it should happened in my pre-internet era, i.e. more than ten years ago. If you say Cameron Diaz, Charlize Theron, Uma Thurman, and other today actresses, it happens to me the same you tell about Kidman, I only know they are famous actresses, but without picturing their figure.

  11. fatcurvystories Says:

    I think Northern Worshipper nailed it. Back in the day I kind of had to live with what I got and work with my imagination. Serena Grandi gave me this idea of “large woman” even if she wasn’t really that big, even in her chest area. My most cherished possession at the time was this copy of Blitz where Serena appeared very buttery and creamy. Everytime Carmen Russo or Tini Cansino were on TV I always tried to ogle them, although I was never a fan. However I really loved Debora Caprioglio in Paprika, which I even bought the VHS at the newsstand.

    My favorite though (beside the immortal Amarcord, of course) was Serena’s L’iniziazione: I remember being 11 or 12, I was ill, laying in my mother bed watching TV, it was December and the TV host presented the “revelations” of that year in movies. And they show the scene where Serena offers her breast to the young kid for him to suck… man, did I love that scene!!

    Debora and Serena really embodied this idea of opulent woman, with jiggly breasts, round bodies, sweet maternal looks yet overflowing eroticism. I remember drawing figures of big, fat women with enormous breasts and large thighs, when I had never really seen one. Thinking back, I understand now that it was not their body shapes that I loved, but what their body shapes represented to my imagination.

  12. Sephiroth 1311 Says:

    I think both of you are totally right.
    My father bought my first PC when I was only 12, just in time for puberty.

    In fact, I may know only a bunch of actresses, but I know for sure lots and lots of beautiful SSBBWs.

    The Internet is really a wonderful tool.

  13. Fan Boost Says:

    I simply love reading your blog! another nice post.

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