Gothic Alicia, beautiful dark Goddess with more flesh on her bones



I’m telling you, Alicia looks divine with a few more pounds! Maybe it sounds bad, but I wish she gained back some weight… she looks incredible in this video, available at her site,

(snapshot (c)



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5 Responses to “Gothic Alicia, beautiful dark Goddess with more flesh on her bones”

  1. northern goddess’ worshipper Says:

    Hi FHK, I’m back to the BBWsphere after five months. It’s nice to make sure that your site —perhaps the only one— keeps always working: I’ve just checked other BBW friend blogs and many of them stopped posting for a while, others closed.

    Furthermore, the most pleasing thing is to read always new tales, both in English and in Italian.

    Finally, OMGoddess, I did not remember your beauties to be so large! I don’t say “fat”, as I don’t know the meaning of such word, but they are large, quite large! Nice surprise…

  2. bbw-lover Says:

    She looks incredible. She looks SO much hotter with more weight on her. Then again, all women do. 🙂

    However, why do you feel guilty for wanting her to gain back the weight? Sometimes I really get the sense that you feel slightly guilty for liking bigger women. Or maybe it’s just your writing style…. Anyway, I like your stories, the ladies, etc. Keep up the good work. It’s excellent. 🙂

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    @northern goddess’ worshipper: welcome back! it’s good to know I will be able to read your cultivated knowledge of ancient and archetypical forms of beauty. Your blog is quite unique. Your recent post is simply stunning and I still have to recover from it!
    As far “my beauties”, well, yes, they are indeed large and well fed. Alicia is probably one of the smallest here!

  4. fatcurvystories Says:

    @bbw-lover: haha, no, believe me, I don’t feel guilty for liking big women, not at all!! 🙂 My point was that I do wish and prefer that Alicia was bigger, but as far as I know, she (and other women like her) may be fighting for the exact opposite and I’d respect that if that was the case. I just want to be respectful to my Goddesses, that’s all, even when their mind is not in sync with my desires.

    But your point is well taken – Thanks for stopping by and reading my stories!

  5. vestial Says:

    You look terrific, I´d like fuck you wild alicita loren

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