The classical beauty of Supersized Bombshell Katrina


Quelle enormi distese di panna montata mi fanno impazzire. La sua posa classica non fa altro che enfatizzare l’abbondanza del suo corpo epicureo.
I adore how creamy and buttery her thighs look. I love how fleshy her hips are: big pillows of cellulite, infinite bubbles of softness. You really feel like you can scoop her opulent beauty in your hands, feasting on her healthy, magnificent curves. I could swim in the ocean of her thighs and for an eternity feel like a king between those sumptuous hips. A woman like Katrina will keep you alive for eons.

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5 Responses to “The classical beauty of Supersized Bombshell Katrina”

  1. Jerry Gatlin Gun Says:

    OH Damn what a Mind Blowing Beautiful BODY here on Ms Super Sized Katrina. Dang I Jerry Gatlin wish Katrina were my ‘Main Girl Friend’ at this moment. 3-10-10.

  2. Fatfun Says:

    Big and soft,fantastic.Katrina You are beautiful!

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    Thanks guys I always thought that photo of Katrina is one of the most beautiful ever. She exudes so much allure and beauty in that pose, beside the torrid sexuality. Her legs look really long even if they are so gorgeously fat. I love how the front of her thighs looks like a giant waterfall of cellulite. And on her sides, where her curves sink in, only to expand massively just above onto her wide hips? My God.

    Can you imagine slapping those hips? Can you imagine how much fat is going to jiggle everywhere? Think about it, there’s so much flesh on top of her hips that her booty almost touches her stretched arms. That’s a big, tall mountain of lard. She is a Aphrodite, she is Terra, she is lust, sex and love, she is the Matriarch.

  4. Fatfun Says:

    Shape and size,ultraperfect

  5. Jerry Gatlin Says:

    Jesus know FAT, Women are my Biggest of Biggest Weakness. 9.12.16…

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