Just like whipped cream, but warm


Tonight at dinner we had cake. My fat curvy wife cut a big fat slice and being surprised by the size of it, I innocently asked, “Is this for your brother?”

“No, it’s for me,” she answered, like I was asking something obvious.

“Wow,” I thought with sincere lust, “she is going to be even fatter!”

It was a really big piece with lots of whipped cream, fruits and spongy layers that were dripping yummy juices. She started eating it with a passion and before I even realized it, the slice was gone! She ate it all. I looked at her bulging hips smashed on the chair and started to get a hard on. I could almost see an extra layer of fat already adorning her ass, the same consistency of that whipped cream, but warm. Oh, it will feel so good later on tonight when I fuck her. She is going to get on top of me to let me squeeze that extra lard on her hips. And I will squeeze her slabs of meat for sure. I’ll make sure she notices how I appreciate her opulence. I will lift the mountains of fat on her hips, only to let her drop down on me with all their weight.

Her fat flesh splashes on me like a pool of water, while my cock goes into her body, in a warm, cuddly place. Her belly protects me, her maternal boobs nourish me, and her wider hips surround me.

(Photo is (c) courtesy of juicyjacqulyn.com)

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