OPULENZIA: the Fourth Chapter, where Carmela nurtures the hunger for Beauty in a Valley of Flesh

Quella è tutta panna montata - Zia Carmela ha delle belle mammelle gonfie, acquose, traboccanti

Quella è tutta panna montata - Zia Carmela ha delle belle mammelle gonfie, acquose, traboccanti

(photo is (c) courtesy of Silicone Free)

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My head started spinning. I smiled at my aunt, but at the same time I looked at her fat tits sitting there like peaceful mountains. I was just unable to avoid my lusty staring. I was embarrassed, but luckily she smiled back. I took my eyes away from her and went over to the fridge to get some refreshing juice. Carmela followed me to the table to talk with me. As she was walking toward me she nonchalantly opened an additional button from her revealing top. As I saw the entire action, my eyes got transfixed on that button. Her flesh was already shaking and bouncing inside the camisole. When she had released the top button her breasts naturally expanded, occupying all the new available space.

That cleavage was so ample and overflowing. Her tit flesh was stacking up in huge heaps from the waist up. When the button popped, it was like a dam had just cracked releasing a few gallons of water. Her huge maternal juggs bounced to adjust to the weight being released. They continued to dance as she came closer to me, indecently exposed. Zia Carmela was so confident. It totally seemed like the most natural thing for her. She knew she was a big woman, she knew she had large breasts and she just couldn’t do anything to hide them, contain them, control them. The pressure was just too much in there.

I poured some juice from the fridge and sat at the table. Carmela reached me and bent over slightly to fit her butt on the chair. At that moment I thought her tits were going to fall out. They rested on the table like two huge mountains of meat. Was she just provoking me? It was like being at the meat market. “Thirty pounds of beef and two gallons of milk, please!” At the same time it was like being inside a bordello with two curvy naked women sitting in front of you, while you’re dreaming to spend some time with both of them.

I chatted with my aunt for a while, letting her torturing me with her very healthy charms. I tried real hard not to look there but it was too much for me. It was just unreal to see boobs so immense sitting there on the table in front of me like a dinner dish. I tried to make my aunt laugh because every time she laughed her tit flesh would start bouncing like a mountain of jello, sometimes with slappy squishy noises. I looked at the consistency of her boobs and I noticed how creamy and liquid they were. They had such a rich texture.

In front of such opulence I got hungry. I went over to the counter to start making myself some eggs, but Carmela immediately stopped me, grabbing the pan out my hands. If every minuscule movement would make her boobs quiver, you can imagine what happened when she did such an abrupt movement. Her meat mountains bounced heavily right in front of my eyes, while I almost fell inside of them. She got to the stove and took over the job, while I just stood there watching the bouncy show from the front row. I looked at her boldly yet peacefully, resting my eyes on her fat bulging hips, staring where my heart told me to stare. She caught me staring many times, and every time all she did was smiling, continuing her task. Occasionally she moved around, kind of stomping her feet, and I was able to see big mountains of cellulite shaking inside her dress. I couldn’t help thinking she wanted me to notice that.

After lunch, I decided I had to go out to get away from that incredibly seducing madness. I packed a few things and left for the beach. While I was running in my bicycle I realized something was different. I looked at women in their bathing suits, as usual, but now every single woman had so much allure to my eyes. Especially the rounder ones were such a pleasure to watch. I mean, I think I always found them attractive, in some way, but I believe I never consciously realized that. I saw beauty everywhere. A young healthy girl was strolling close to the water, showing her juicy legs; next to her a lady with a big comfy belly was getting into the water; a middle age mom was building a sand castle with their kids, walking and bending over to get some more wet sand, exposing her milk laden breasts to her adoring children. It was love. Beauty. I imagined having sex with all of them and it looked exciting each time.

When I came back home Carmela was making dinner. She made pasta with a delicious tomato cream sauce and large thick pork chops, with cooked vegetables, french fries, and home made chocolate cookies for dessert. The sight of Carmela, with her bold curves and overflowing abundance, kept my hunger alive, and my cock hard for almost the entire dinner. Luckily enough she never made me stand up during the dinner, and actually she came over to offer me a refill of french fries or whatever I wanted. All I wanted were her fleshy breasts, that she was so easily exposing to my hungry eyes, unashamed of that never-ending cleavage.

Then we sat together on the couch to watch some TV together. I sat down first. Carmela came shortly, parading her amazing ass and the big udders in front of me. The juicy mountains of flesh on her hips jiggled right in front of me and then came closer to sit down next to me. As soon as they touched the couch they copiously spread on the sides occupying all the available space. I thought I had left a large space for Carmela, but I immediately felt her warmth close to my body. My cock reacted with its own ways, and I didn’t know what to do. Carmelona adjusted herself on the couch, I think trying to fit her trunk into the seat. Occasionally, she inadvertently smashed a part of her enormous right butt cheek on the left side of my own body. She was so soft. The pressure of her fat pillows was just delicious and erotic. I couldn’t avoid feeling a little weird and guilty, but I didn’t care: she was showing something so incredibly beautiful that I knew it was ok. I felt free. I turned my head to feast on the view of her body. Her legs were enormously long and thick, so thick that I thought she had her skirt stuffed. Instead it was simply a truck-load of flesh ready to be unleashed. Her belly was nice and plump and her udders looked like an ocean spreading everywhere.

In fact, all those movements had made her breasts bounce wildly and partially come out of their confinements. She had to fix herself to prevent her tits to overflow. With calm and confidence, she lifted the edges of her dress to try to re-fit the boobs inside the top. Her maternal endowments shook and bounced some more, and placidly fell back, barely fitting into the containers.

“There you go!” She innocently said, knowing I was looking her way.

I smiled back and immediately placed a pillow onto my lap to cover my indecency.

We started watching a funny movie. However, every time Carmela would laugh I was there, staring at her jiggling tits. A moderate laugh would make her bosom become a wavy ocean. Even a really small laugh made her tits jiggle inside the vastitude of her cleavage: a single fleshy wave would slowly spread across her mountains, unstoppable on top of so much softness. And when the small laugh was followed by a big one, her tits jolted so heavily that a huge roller wave was making her breasts slap against each other uncontrollably. I don’t know how that dress managed to contain them.

As usual, she wasn’t doing anything to cover that. It was not even an invitation to look, rather her natural way to show comfort, peacefulness, wealth. She was my home, and I could live from the fruits of her abundance. Staring or not staring became meaningless. Even if I was aware that she could easily spot me I kept staring, unafraid of the consequences, because nothing bad could come from that opulence.

The evening ended like that, with me thinking at how lucky I was. I went to bed with a warm feeling all over my body. I never felt better. My mind was off into a land of pleasure and sweet lust. I slipped under the cover, naked, enjoying the feeling of the sheets on my hard cock.

Before falling asleep, Carmela came over to hug me. She bent over to reach me, inadvertently resting the weight of her pendulous udders on my torso. When I reached over to hug her, I accidentally hit her fat boob with my arm. Then she hugged me tight and kissed me goodnight, while I fondled her fleshy waist.


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14 Responses to “OPULENZIA: the Fourth Chapter, where Carmela nurtures the hunger for Beauty in a Valley of Flesh”

  1. Bobo Says:

    Please more!!! This is an amazing story… Please i’m begging you!

  2. T Says:

    Sensual and delicious, Thankyou thankyou thankyou, Wow.

  3. fatcurvystories Says:

    thanks! Chapter 5 is coming up…

    • Bobo Says:

      Do you know when it will be published about?

      • fatcurvystories Says:

        Sad thing is, not really. Sorry! I’m almost done with the writing, and then I will review it. My writing process is ruled only by my instincts, so that can happen tomorrow or in a month. In any case, thanks for reading, and don’t worry, Carmela is staying with us. 😉

  4. anonymous Says:

    The fifth chapter should be where Carmela breastfeeds the main character.

  5. Bobo Says:

    How long do you think now… it would be amazing to have a very long sensual story where the main character keeps hugging Carmela

  6. fatcurvystories Says:

    A little teaser: in the 5th chapter Carmela shows her very fleshy thighs to her young admirer… 😉

    @Bobo thanks for noticing the sensuality of the hugs, that’s very important for this story, and for Carmela.

  7. Bobo Says:

    Is it anywhere close right now?

  8. fatcurvystories Says:

    @bobo thanks for the wait, I know, it’s taking a really long time. Good thing is it will be a pretty long chapter, I even had to split it in two…

  9. fatcurvystories Says:

    @bobo and actually @everyone: Chapter 5 is finally published!


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