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Big Girls, You Are Beautiful

September 30, 2009

I wanted to share this wonderful music video and great song I found via the insightful Lefsetz letter (if you’re into music, you should really check him out). Anyway, this song by British artist Mika is a hit! And sends out a fun and sincere message of love. And in particular, love for the big girls!!

We love you fat girls! You make our lives go round. 🙂

(And if you’re just looking for your porn update, well, this blog is not just about naked ladies. It’s about love first. 😉 )

Sollevare i mucchi di grasso delle cosce di una donna molto in carne

September 26, 2009
I love to lift heaps of cellulite and squeeze them well

I love to lift heaps of cellulite and squeeze them well

(clip from Amazing Pear XXX movie by

mano-nei-fianchi-grassi1Ieri notte, altra scopata da fine del mondo con la mia grassa moglie. Lei sopra a dominarmi usando il mio pene come più le garbava, io sotto a godere delle sue forme prosperose.

Era a gattoni sopra di me, con la gamba destra protesa in avanti. Verso di me. Si sorreggeva con il piede destro e il ginocchio sinistro e io avevo la possibilita’ di palpare la carne della sua coscia. Sembrava quasi mi volesse invitare a soppesare i mucchi di cellulite che in gran copia riempiono le sue meravigliose cosce. Mentre lei si massaggiava il clitoride, io sollevavo le pesanti sacche di carne appese alle sue cosce e le massaggiavo l’interno della vagina con il mio pene. Era talmente irrigidito di fronte a tanto lardo che sembrava dovesse esplodere da un momento all’altro. Strofinavo, spingevo e palpavo. mano-nei-fianchi-grassi2Con l’altra mano le afferravo una mammella e me la mettevo in bocca a mo’ di borraccia, succhiando dentro la carne e leccando come un assetato. Oppure le palpavo l’altro lato dei suoi fianchi. Oppure mi aggrappavo al suo culo per spingermi ancora piu’ dentro di lei. Godevo del suo grasso.

Sono venuto così, con la testa sommersa da una sua tetta (una basta e avanza per coprirmi la faccia) e il mio corpo circondato dal suo grasso.

Crystal Star’s cellulite

September 22, 2009


That’s my idea of thigh: engorged with overflowing cellulite.

(Photo (c) courtesy of

Puddy Tat, a Red Hot Phat Girl with very fat prosciuttos

September 18, 2009
Abbondanti gnocchi di grasso tutto da palpare

Abbondanti gnocchi di grasso tutto da palpare sui prosciuttoni di Puddy Tat

The girls at all share something with one another: they have really fat, meaty thighs. Take Puddy Tat, for example. She is endowed with so much flesh that her thighs show big juicy bubbles of cellulite everywhere. Her thighs look like soft pillows, rich fields that will never stop nourishing your mind and your senses with the most decadent pleasures.

I’d love to run my hand all over the length of her thigh, getting a feel of how phat she truly is. I’d caress her and squeeze her, and gently tap her lakes of fat to see them jiggle like an ocean. And I would tell her that I love all of her. I’d kiss her while feeling up the chunky dimples of cellulite on her thighs, hips, and butt. I’d give her children, as many as she wants, and I’d provide her of everything she needs. So she can replenish her phat thighs with more of my love.

(Photo (c) courtesy of

Farrah the Earth Goddess

September 15, 2009


In this photo Farrah Foxx really looks like a Earth Goddess. She is exactly how I imagine it to be: really voluptuous, with a warm reassuring smile, rich dark complexion and fluent black hair, with cozy arms and large nourishing breasts, that recall the time when you were born.

And finally the wide, opulent fatness of her hips, where all life begins.

Photo is courtesy of (c)

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