Trying to be Stronger – Chapter 3

ha dei bei cuscini colmi di grasso...

ha dei bei grassi cuscini

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We switched positions a couple times (I can’t miss the pleasure of having her doggie style, you know), but at one point she goes, “come here”. She took my hand and led me to the edge of the bed. She had me sit on the edge. At that point my cock was really throbbing and pulsating, and watching those fat heaps of cellulite jiggling everywhere as she moved around did not contribute to calm me down. Anyway, after she has me sitting on the edge of the bed she does something that made me her companion for this lifetime. She opens her legs, and… yes, she sits on me. Can you imagine all that ass sitting on you? That’s pure heaven. An heaven made of flesh, coming in big chunky pillows.

I watch her gargantuan butt and her prosciutto-sized thighs get down, and literally rest on my lap. I noticed that her enormous hips are so engorged with fat that they stack up as she sits down on me. My cock goes right into her, in what felt like a big pool of warm, liquid butter. I gave her a slap on the mountain of cellulite stacking up on her hips, just to see how jiggly it was. And dear lord it was so jiggly that I thought it was water spilling out of a jug. Reassured by this opulent luxury, I hugged her and squeezed her tits, as I fucked her magnificent body.

I can’t quite describe how incredible it is to have such a big woman sitting in your lap with her legs wide open. All that weight on you is inebriating. All those lush curves, oh… this poor writer lacks the words to describe them. But I would say that you feel accepted into something bigger and more beautiful than yourself, and you realize you’re becoming part of it: it’s like reaching the divine.

If my cock was already in pain before, now it felt like it was going to burst in a bad way. I don’t know how I managed to resist for a couple more minutes. I was inebriated. I started licking her back, and caressing her everywhere. Being able to feel the lavish texture of her flesh made me love her so intensely. After a few seconds I was grabbing her with my bite as I was sinking my hands into her thighs, pulling her down on me. Le ho palpato per bene le coscione cariche di cellulite, tirandola verso il mio cazzo duro. Era una meravigliosa montagna di carne, grassa come una maialona da monta, con dei fianchi a pera che ballonzolavano tutti.

As she was going up and down on me, I squeezed the copious flesh of her hips, admiring their gorgeous curvature. The fact that she was giving me this magnificent gift of flesh made me feel like an emperor, or a god. It was incredible. I squeezed her big boobs and her nipples, like you would squeeze a ripe peach, or a really big juicy orange. But the best came when she finally sat on me, resting all of her weight on me. I watched the big fleshy pillows of her ass squash down and expand against my body, covering my torso. I fully received her on me, and she received myself inside of her. I hugged her tight, squeezing as much lard as I could from her waist, breasts, and thighs. I don’t even remember how. I felt I was everywhere. And she was everywhere. I remember my mouth, drooling, licking and munching on her waist. She was still bouncing on me as I felt my cock slowly expand to the point of no return. She moaned too. I reached for her clit and touched it, caressed it. I did not pull out. I observed my orgasm grow and burst as I was squeezing her, my whole body buried into her. I jolted under the spasms of it, moaning loud. And just when I thought she was resting all of herself on me, she gave me another 40 or 50 pounds of joy oy play with. She let herself go all the way. She had been holding up some of her weight for the last. I was in the most sublime shock, unable to fathom how heavy and truly fat she was. It felt like a new big wave of flesh inundated me. I hugged her even tighter, feeling her fat jiggling as I climaxed again, literally spurting rivers of my cum deep into her.

It lasted for an eternity, and I stayed there all the way. I remember sitting there, buried under the Mountain of Sex, impaling her. And orgasming wildly. Ho goduto come mai in vita mia, strizzando le sue mammellone obese e il lardo abondante delle sue cosce mentre venivo.

She was very close to orgasming too but she didn’t come at the same time I did. I had to finish her off, and I gladly obliged. Since I was so turned on my penis was still hard after that mind blowing orgasm. So I turned her down and mounted her doggie-style, although I prefer to use the term “cow-style”. I grabbed her big fat hips and pulled them toward me as I proceeded to pound her. I saw her sliding a hand down her clit. I fucked her hard, slowly and fast, standing up, sometimes even standing still while letting her slide on me. It was all gravy on top. Her fat ass looked like whipped cream, jiggling like a pool of jello. I cupped her pendulous boobs and lightly pinched her nipple, as I watched her moan and come.

In the end we both threw ourselves on the bed panting. We kissed and just laid there, breathing the cool air coming from the bay.


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